Mining for Gold

Mining the overlooked

One of the best offline gigs that I had was servicing a compressor set up for a small time mining company.  I got a chance to get real personal with some enormous equipment, and the 4 guys on the job got a half day off.  Everybody was happy.

These guys were reprocessing tailings from an old mining operation and were not only making a living, were often taking more gold per ton out than the original miners.  Literally finding nuggets that had been discarded.

There is a Lesson here

As a small time entrepreneur I don’t have the time or the resources to mine the main vein of the market.  That takes big organization and big investment.  I can make a living going through the scree pile to pick out the nuggets.  What?

Many, maybe most of the people that come to this business need money right now.  99% of them leave unfulfilled.  Some come and see the possibility and potential of a long term life and living here.  The big guys get most of these, and a significant fraction of them stick around for a time and at least dabble in the industry.  Some stay and flourish.

It’s a Numbers Game

The miners I mentioned needed to pop 2 ounces of gold from a ton of material to pay expenses and minimal living.  They had to work HARD to process three tons of tailings per day.  6 ounces of gold per day to pay the bills.  This crew was averaging 8 ounces of gold per ton.  Eureka!

But I’m not mining Gold

Ah, but I am.  I am sluicing the tailings from Click Track Profit, and other sites.  CTP does a very good job of bringing the raw material in, then refining it until there are trained and hungry members looking for something to sink their teeth into.  Most of them move on in the company to other things, but a certain small fraction wants and needs my help and assistance.  If I can process .001% of the signups at CTP, I’ll be just fine.  In fact, I’ll be just like the miners at 8 ounces per ton!  Eureka!

But wait, there is more!

It’s not like I am stealing members from CTP.  It’s not like TimTech doesn’t want this to happen, they encourage me and others like me to do so!  It’s in their best interest, too.  Happy money making members are happy money spending members, it’s pretty easy to figure.

And in the End

I’m going to grab my shovel and head on down to the mine.  It takes long, hard work, but the gold is there for the mining.

I’m just sayin’


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