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Sonia Simone says GAS

Sonia Simone, co-founder and general Goddess over at Copyblogger was the featured writer for the weekly blog ‘How ___________ Writes’ by Kelton Reid at Copyblogger.  The article is right here, you can read it for yourself.

Her answer to the question “What Makes a Writer Great” includes the technical term G.A.S. “Give a Shit”.  I believe she is onto something.

Words you Write

If you don’t GAS about the words you are writing, you are just writing words.  I know that I don’t always hit a homer every time I write, but it’s not because I don’t care about the words, because I do.  I realize that I don’t always follow the rules of grammar, but there is usually a reason for that when I do (not).

Your Audience

If I don’t GAS about my readers, I just don’t GAS.  I truly write to express something that I think is important to my friends (both of them).  I write to make your life different and maybe better. Whether it is mistakes made, or success achieved, I want you to know that it is doable.  I care, therefore I write.

Your Topic

For me, this goes with out saying, but if you don’t GAS about your topic, you might as well be advertising shoes on the bargain table at the local WalMart.  Shure, the may look real good, and they might be enormously comfortable, but who really cares??  And NOBODY will give a rip in two weeks!   I just plain can’t write about stuff that I don’t care about.  The words just won’t come out of my fingers…

Your Business

So far, this has been all about writing, but I think the principle carries over to your business.  If you are just where you are to make money, if you don’t GAS about your business, it’ll never last.  Every business that has any sort of longevity and success will have an owner with GAS.  Guaranteed.

Your Life

If you don’t GAS, who will??  It’s that simple.

And in the End

GAS.  It’s the most important thing you will do today or tomorrow!

I’m just sayin’


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