Fear of Failure

Five Reasons Why I Fear Failure

There is no doubt about it, fear of failure can paralyze me as surely as anything.  I can sometimes stare a possible success right in the eye and refuse to pull the trigger on it.  Fear of failure is the only culprit.  Why?

1:  Fear of loss.  I don’t have all that much, but I definitely don’t want to lose it.  None of it.  I worked hard for it, I want to keep it.  Well, maybe I didn’t work all that hard, but it’s still mine.

2:  Fear of making waves.  The boat is really running along pretty well, I don’t want to take a chance on tipping over or making waves.  Is it really running all that well?  Will a course change really hurt?

3:  Fear of being wierd.  I really don’t want to be all that different, really.  I just sort of want to blend in and go with the flow.  Really?  Exactly what in my past gives any indication that I might ‘fit in’ or ‘go with the flow’.

4:  Fear of ‘here we go again’.  I have some failures in my past, several fit into the ‘Epic’ category.  I just don’t want to be remembered as ‘that guy who couldn’t get it right’.  But, really, what is one more?

5:  Fear of ridicule:  I don’t want people to make fun of me and my history.  Yes, I’ve failed in the past, but I’ve had some successes, too.  But I am sure that they only remember the failures.  Really?  What makes me think that I am important enough for anybody to remember me and my life?

So you see, I have my reasons.  That they look a lot like excuses is beside the point, they are reasons.  I’d be a fool to even try again.

Remember the Mantra

I have a question I ask myself often enough that it has become a mantra for my life.  “What is the worst thing that can happen?”

Really?  Well, I could lose some stuff.  They have more stuff in the stuff store if I really need to replace it.  I could make waves, or be perceived as weird.  Maybe it’s time to embrace my weirdness and get on with it.  And at my age and stage in life, what is one more success or failure?  Just another part of me.  And get this, 115,000 people in Yuma don’t even know my name, let alone what I have done.

What is the Worst Thing?

I can learn something new, even if everything else goes South.  How bad can that be?

I’m just sayin’

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