Pet Peeves

I Don’t Pet Peeves

Wet, angry cat
I am very angry right now!

Really, they are just peeves.  I like my pets, I like to pet my pets, but I don’t like to pet my peeves.  So long as we are clear on that, I have some pet peeves that need to be exposed.

It looks like ‘the Angry TE Surfer’ has taken an extended vacation from the task of maintaining the moral high ground in and around our industry.  In his absence I will, once again, pick up the load.  Does anyone know?  Does he have a new girlfriend?  Perhaps he is making so much money that nothing aggravates him?  He’s not suffering from some weird illness is he??

Hands full of Hundreds

A pet peeve that needs revisiting.  Does anybody, anytime believe that shocked look with both hands full of hundred dollar bills?  Really?  I have been using a computer on my desk for over 30 years, and I have never, ever, had a bill of any denomination drop out of it.  Really, not once.  I thought some change rolled out once, turns out it was just the contents of my pockets poorly placed.

Pre Sales

I’m seeing a really disturbing trend, a pre launch with NO INFORMATION ABOUT THE PRODUCT AT ALL.  In some cases, they are just a ‘sign here’ sheet, or, even worse, “It has a 4×10 world wide matrix”  Make $960,000 off the matrix alone!  Please, Please, Please.  Buy and promote products that you know work, not payment plans and promises.  Please.

I see a big idea being circulated.  It has a flashy video and very attractive professional graphics.  Before you pull the trigger on this, check out the owner, and most specifically, his arrest record from the immediate past.  I’m just sayin.


A pet peeve of epic proportions.  Mentorship does not consist of selling a product with a follow up newsletter.  Really.  I have been fortunate enough to have 3 mentors in my life, and this line of advertising demeans their memory.  A mentor takes you personally under his wing and teaches, by example, a thing that is important to both.  That is a mentor.

Short Pet Peeves

A ‘click here to get your letter’ ‘you got another letter, only 10 more to get’ every 30 pages is not gamification.  Really.

Twitter is not now, never has been, and never was personal ad space.  Shame on you.  Posting 500 links per day on twitter is just another bad example of Push Marketing that does not work.

So.  In conclusion:  Don’t sweat the petty stuff….and don’t pet the sweaty stuff.

I’m just sayin’

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