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3d pie chart comparing PTC to popular search engines
Pay Per Click Pie Chart

Paid to Click.  PTC.  I know that much and perilously little else.  It is a subset of the industry that I simply haven’t paid much attention to, through gross ignorance on my part.  That is about to change.

There are few challenges that I can resist, and a public thump at TE live is not among them.  I dislike being ignorant of a topic or category that is of premium importance to me and my business.  I am embarrassed at my ignorance, a condition that I do not suffer willingly.  For today, I have a single source of information, TimTech’s Nerdbux and partner Jon Olson.

So.  I give you fair warning, all you gurus and leaders and authority figures.  I’m coming. You had better keep your nose to the grindstone, because I will, and if you don’t, I will pass by you like you never even existed…

The premise of PTC

In the traffic exchange industry the basic premise is ‘show me yours, I’ll show you mine’  In the PTC industry, the basic premise is ‘click here, watch this ad, and I will pay you a prearranged price.’  It is one of the few places to make direct money online.  The amount is not large, typically under 25¢ at each site to be earned by direct usage.  But there is a further subset or two that can increase that amount dramatically.

Direct Referrals

Like the TE industry, the PTC industry rewards you for referring members to their site.  In this case direct referrals can bring you up to 100% of the amount they earn.  If they make 10¢, you make 10¢.  If they make $2.00, you make $2.00.  Enough good active referrals and it can add up pretty dramatically.

Rented Referrals

For a nominal fee (in the case of Nerdbux, the length of rental and max number depends on the membership package) you can ‘rent’ the services of other members.  You have no choice in the individuals, but what your ‘rentals’ make, you make for the length of time of the rental.  At the current time in Nerdbux there is a waiting period for more than a few.  A popular option indeed.

According to my source, it is a pretty simple matter to climb over the $2.37 per day needed to make $1000 per year.  $60 invested per month in a PTC can pay a significant amount over that.  It appears there is money to be made, always a good option.

And in the End

This is my last post made on the subject in ignorance.  I will bring more and better soon.

I’m just sayin’

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