Am I a Qualified Pinch Hitter?

Pinch Hit for Justin Ledvina?  Really?

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Pinch Hit for RUTH?

I wrote this a couple of months ago, when Justin and I were first talking about the possibility of ‘guest posting’ at his blog.  It accurately captures the agony and the ecstasy of taking on a new challenge.  I hope you enjoy.

Listening to Justin say “I should get you to write for me.  People really seem to like my blog and I haven’t done much with it lately…”  Not an exact quote, and I hope I got the morsel of it right.

Of course!  I’ll jump at the chance.  How could I not?  Pinch hitter for a guy with a huge following?  Gimme my bat.  The one with the star on the knob, that’s my gamer, the best I can bring.

Doubts and Confusion

So I stroll to the on deck circle, and pick up the weighted bat.  And all the doubts and wonderment starts to creep in.  Pinch hit for Justin?  What are you thinking?  Not only is he a Titan in this business, but his writing is very good.  Ah, man.  Can I do this?  Will I do this?

Justin’s writing is so good because he doesn’t put any air in it.  Every sentence, every word is necessary to the telling of a powerful story.  He brings big ideas into laser focus.  He makes the reader think.  The whole way.  A home run hitter who takes it out with startling regularity.

Focus on the Task

Concentrate.  Focus.  See nothing but the pitcher’s release.  Narrow down to that.  Let the rest of it go, think of it later.  Focus.

Somebody thinks I can, else I wouldn’t be here with my bat in my hands.  It’s up to me, now.  2 on, 2 out, takes a single to tie the game.

A single.  I’m not here to win the game with one swing, I’m here to put the ball in play, to keep the inning going until we can get the studs up again.  Put the ball in play…

Action Required

It takes action to play this game.  I hear the announcer say my name, I’m in the game. Now it’s time to take my hacks and see what happens.  I’ll take the best swings I’ve got, do the very best I can.  Is it good enough?  Really none of my business.  Just my best swings. That is all I’ve got, that is all I can do.

“Put me in coach, I think I can play”

I’m just sayin’

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