Piles of Stuff

Stuff in the Corners

Unruly pile of file folders.
All carefully filed!

I collect stuff, no doubt about it.  Good stuff, bad stuff, nobody knows stuff.  When you have this much stuff, some of the good stuff gets shoveled into the corners.  It’s time for me to root around in the corners of my mind and drag some of the good stuff out into the light.

Much of this stuff has been laying around for a while, looking for the right place and time to publish it.  Some is ‘less than fresh’ some is from this week.  You just never know when I start into the stuff pile!

Free Stuff:

Stop Spammer Registrations really works, I installed it about a week ago. As of this morning, it has blocked 132 spam attempts, and better yet, has gotten every one, without blocking a single legitimate poster!  And it’s FREE!

Stuff that is just too Creative:

This is an ad from Eric Goettman, just blows me away everytime I see it!

This one, from Jerry Iannucci (and Kathleen VanBeekom)  may never make it to ad status but is worth the watch!  Great stuff!

New Stuff that Works:

I have joined a couple of programs that just work as advertised recently,  Time for a ‘stuff review’:)

All of My Links:  From the mind and fingers of Sunny Suggs and Jay Hines.  It’s just exactly what it says it is, a place to park your links.  It’s not free.  But let me tell you it is worth the price and then some.  In my case, I had a spreadsheet for affiliate links, a folder for TEs, a folder for Motorcycle places, a folder for blogs, a folder for mailers, and much, much more.  Now I just have the icon for All of My Links on my bookmark bar and done.  It is searchable, sortable and fast.  Some of the best money I have spent in the last few years.  At least go take a look.  If you are organized anywhere near like me, this will HELP!

Sweeva Tips:  Speaking of Sunny Suggs, if you haven’t joined Sweeva Tips, why not?  This isn’t new stuff, but it is timeless.  In my opinion, Sweeva is the pivotal Exchange in the business, the absolute best place to test and refine advertising.  Sweeva Tips tells all there is to know about Sweeva.  All.

Traffic Exchange Stuff:

Cup Of Traffic:  The newest member of the mastery program at CTP, Russell Stockley has some cool stuff, no doubt about it.  He has also taken over Matt Baker’s ‘ring or no ring’ show on Thursday night (in the States) and called it Cuppa Time and it is great fun.  Coffee or Tea?  See you Thursday evening!

Ninja Surf:  Just one of my very favorites.  The Legacy guys just keep improving this place, and it’s a great place to surf.  Very smooth site operation and low timer makes it great!!  If you haven’t been in a while, go check it out!

Well, there you go.  It’s just stuff, but at least I moved it around a little, changed the look of the pile:)  Hope you found some stuff here, too!

I’m just sayin’

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