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Well, here we go.  My first blog post on the PTC Universe.  I started a bit over a week ago, promising you that I would do my research and due diligence and report to you.

PTC Professor

My immediate need for basic knowledge was helped significantly this week by the introduction of a brand new product from Eric Goetman called PTC Professor.  If you have any desire to learn about the PTC world, and need to start from scratch, join now.  I’ll wait for you.

PTC Professor is a wonderful ‘entry point’ to PTC usage.  Very nice design and coding, it’s just plain easy and intuitive to use.  Starts right at the start and carries the reader out quite a ways on the road to profitability in PTCs.  According to Eric (and/or Professor B) it’s pretty easy to make $500 per month on an hour or two per day.  Nice!

But Wait, There is More!

PTC Professor is not the only place to get information on PTCs.  Every one seems to have a blog attached, they are more or less helpful.  But all offer some usable information.  Probably even more helpful to the newbie (that’d be me) are the forums that most of the good active PTCs host on site.  You can get massive information on what works and what doesn’t at the forums.

Nerdbux forum, in particular, shows me that many in the PTC world are not only very knowledgeable about the PTCs, but are also willing to take the time and energy to share their knowledge with the rookies among them.  What a great deal!

Speaking of, the Nerdbux forum is a great resource for what ever you need to know about the site.  The administrators allow a banner in your signature line, an unprecedented opportunity in the PTC world, and it seems to be working.  Some hippy looking guy with a backpack seems to be a very active moderator, answering questions and concerns promptly…

And Then

That’s all for today, but I want to talk about this post and my site.  I will post about PTC every Thursday, and I am going to give PTC it’s very own page, if I haven’t already.  The tab will be PTC Life, and as it generates more and more interest, I will post more and more.

I hope you enjoy the direction and order of this page.  I am certainly having fun doing the research.  See you next Thursday!

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