The Moral Is

The Moral of the Story is…

Road sign with 3 choices.
Choices. Which way is best?

Everybody has morals.  Everybody’s moral standard is set at a different level.  Everybody knows when they cross that moral line in the sand and are doing something wrong, when they have passed their own moral barriers.

What I want to discuss here is moral choices.  We all make them, everyday.  Many of them are easy, no brain choices that we don’t waste a second of our lives making.  In many cases we don’t even know we are making a decision because they flash by so fast.  I want to discuss the other kind, the kind that I think about and ponder and lose sleep over.

Here’s the Deal

I signed up for a newly released product that came with significant hype and promise.  The idea of the product was/is great, it has very clever advertising and introduction.  The problem being that it just doesn’t work.  Released July 1 (late) it had an update by July 2.  Another update by the 11th of July, and I haven’t even been able to start it since that update.  It’s junk.

My problem being, my moral problem being, that the primary instigator of this product is a friend of mine.  And not just an ordinary ‘hi how you doing’ friend, a confidant.  A person (maybe THE person) in this business that I trust enough to show my vulnerability and weakness to.  THAT friend.

The Choice

I promised you and me when I started this blog that I would tell the truth, good and bad, big and small, the truth would be my guide, always the truth.

Telling the truth about this product is going to put some egg on my friend’s face, and no way to soften that up.  This friend was intimately involved with the launch and initial marketing of this product, and if I post the truth of the product it’ll reflect on my friend.

Moral This

The problem for me is simple, but so complex.  I am nothing if I am not loyal to my friends.  Always been.  I’m not a guy with hundreds of friends, I have a fairly small list and guard it with my life.  But there is the matter of telling the truth, and maintaining my moral standing with you, my trusty readers, and with me.

Can’t I just let this junk product die of it’s own weight?  I mean, it doesn’t work, it’s not going to go very far, can’t I just let it fade away all by itself?  Can’t I just let it lie on the pile of failed good ideas?

Well, no.  At least not easily.

My next post (Tuesday, July 23) will have the answer in it, for those that follow along.

I’m just sayin’

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