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Latent Marketing or Land Mine Marketing in a nutshell, is the planting seeds for leads and sales that will sprout and grow some time in the future.  It can be used to boost your bottom line now and into the future, without much effort from the marketer.

The classic plan of action is to electronically publish (PDF or Ereader) an information product with referral links in the text.  Publish and promote the piece, the theory being that people will keep recycling it and clicking your links for the duration.

The Pizza Plan 2

This is probably the most classic ‘Latent Marketing System’ ever.  Jon Olson has written a book about budgeting and how to that is must read for everybody that is going to be in TE marketing for more than a week.  It’s a great read, and just loaded with links that go on and on.  This product is available for ‘rebranding’ (a process where you substitute your links for the authors.  For a fee, of course.) and has been remarkably successful.  Although I don’t promote it much anymore, I am still getting the occasional referral from PP2

The CTP Manifesto

This is certainly the example that I am the most familiar with, as I wrote it.  It started life as an index of CTP training for my personal use, and came to be a 13 page latent marketing e book.  Contains tips and tricks and how to information, I bought a rebrander and really had some dollar signs in my eyes.  After a month of fooling with the project, I decided to not use the rebrander and just give the thing away.  The only cost is your e mail, and you don’t even have to provide that to get the download link.  Strictly voluntary, and all the links in it are mine.

Six months after I have last really advertised the Manifesto, I am still getting referrals from it.  I average about 3 per week.  Not much but significantly more than not at all.  It’s a good latent marketing tool.

What about You?

The point of this exercise is simple.  While Pizza Plan 2 is a well written and researched book with wide circulation, CTP Manifesto is a specialty piece with a limited circulation that I wrote with minimal research and editorial restraint.  Both have provided me with a fair number of referrals.

What if you can’t write a lick, or are afraid to try your hand at writing your own?  There are (literally) hundreds of e books that you can promote and rebrand for yourself.  Trust me, there will be some latent effects if you choose well.

Free TE Credits from Eric Goettman has a whole bunch of choices for latent marketing (and is a good resource all by itself) as does Get Rich with Jerry Iannucci.  Both have all kinds of tools and possibilities for you to explore.

And in the End

Latent Marketing is definitely about the long term.  If you aren’t planning on being around a year from now, don’t even start.  If you are, you can get some of the pleasant surprises that are unexpected referrals like I do.

I’m just sayin’


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