Perseverance and Success

Perseverance as a Muse

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The Way is Long

Not a good sign.  It’s 0 dark 30 Monday morning and I am sitting here watching the cursor flash.  Nothing.  I decide to go to all my friends TE blogs to get some inspiration.  I waste ½ hour cleaning up my blogs folder.  Deleting a couple that are no longer viable, cleaning up the descriptions, etc.

Then I start reading.  No, more correctly, I start looking at the posts that I have already read.  What is it with you people?  How am I to get inspiration if you don’t write?  What am I supposed to do?

A Glimmer of Hope

The very last entry in my folder is Geri Gershner’s blog, and I am getting desperate.  Geri’s current post is titled ‘Everyone Fails At First, But…”  Oh great.  I wrote about this very thing not too long ago…but then I looked at the post prior, and the one prior to that and, well the topic came to me.

Perseverance and Success

Geri isn’t the most talented writer on my list of blogs.  She writes with complete honesty, from her heart, and with stunning regularity.  Geri perseveres.  She writes because she said she was going to do so, and that is of primary importance to her.  There is a lot to be said about perseverance and success.  I might even argue that perseverance, carried to it’s end IS success.

I think about the two bookmarks that I deleted when I was cleaning my folder (All right, I was stalling for time) that no longer exist.  Both had talent and promise, or else I’d have never added them to the list.  But, something happened and they are both gone to black…they didn’t persevere.  Simple as that.

Perseverance and Me

So, here I am.  I realize this isn’t my best post of the year, or even the month.  But I am able to persevere, to publish on schedule, with at least a few words that might help somebody just try it one more time…to persevere, to take that one more step on the road to success in life and business.

And in the End

A quick, final word about Geri’s Blog.  It’s a gorgeous site, clean and attractive.  It was set up for Geri by Sunny Suggs at Built Just 4 U.  A very good do indeed!

I’m just sayin’

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