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There are some things going on all the time in the TE Universe, and I am notorious for making a note of things that I want to mention.  The note pile on my desk has attained ‘prodigious’ status, so some of these are ‘not so fresh’ as others.  I don’t think anything is past the ‘best used by’ date, but some could be close.  Please smell carefully before consuming.

CTP hits 80k

Is it possible to call a 3+ year old program venerable??  I think in this case it is perfect.  Click Track Profit from TimTech is the absolute best training in TE land, and they just signed their 80,000th member on Thursday,  August 8th.  Congratulations are in order, for the milestone and for the website.  What a great deal, all the way around.

Force Hits Makeover

Mike Allen, intergalactic owner/administrator of Force Hits has made some very mentionable changes.  A complete facelift, as a matter of fact.  It is quick and smooth, gets great traffic and results, and is a joy to surf.  Mike is one of the truly good guys in this industry, and Force Hits should be on your ‘surf list’.  It’s on mine.

All of my Links

Sunny Suggs commissioned Jay Hines to build this site for her several years ago, and it is just dynamite.  All of my Links IS NOT a free service, but is very reasonably priced particularly when you consider what it can do.  It is the hanger for all the links that I want to keep track of, saving me acres of space and time.  It’s easy to use, she has a big list of products that are ez entry and it’s easy to enter whatever you want.  Log in link, support link, referral link ALL IN ONE PLACE.  It’s fast, sorts alphabetically and has a search feature.  You owe it to yourself to at least go look.

Brisk Surf

Every now and again something comes along that is so fresh, so new, so different, that it becomes mentionable.  Daniel Heyman has created a TE from the ground up.  No cookie cutter script, it’s a full custom job.  This site is slick and smooth and beautiful.  The primary color reminds me of a ‘59 Chrysler Imperial that I once owned!  Daniel is a dedicated owner, very approachable and reachable, will listen and consider what his members have to say.  Brisk Surf is like a breath of fresh air.  Absolutely unique!

 Rocket Responder

The uber secret TimTech autoresponder has a name and a launch date.  I have had the privilege of poking and prodding (but not actually using) it, and it looks terrific.  Simple, straightforward and easy to understand are the TimTech way, and obviously will be part of RR.  The launch will be in stages, the first stage is for 500 users only.  That list is certainly filled by the time you read this, but the general launch will be in the next 2-3 weeks.  Watch for it, it should be EPIC.

 TE Browser:

I threw this program under the bus a couple of weeks ago, but I REALLY like the idea, and the small bursts where it worked as advertised I liked it when I tested it.  Currently, every time I try to open it I get ‘updates required’.  When I try to update, it ends up in a loop because of a coding error.  Been this way for over a week, support is obviously still an issue.  This product is not ready for prime time.  I really do hope that one day this product gets to be mentionable for a positive reason(s).

 And in the End

That took 4 or 5 pieces out of my note pile.  Guess I need to do some prioritizing and deleting before my printer disappears completely…

I’m just sayin’

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