Consistent is as Consistent Does


Just do it, Then do it again.

There is a lot to be said for consistent positive action, no matter what it is you are trying to do.  An athlete puts in all that practice with the goal of consistent performance in the game.  The concert pianist puts in untold hours of practice with the goal of consistent optimum performances in the concert hall.

How does that relate to me?  I’m certainly no athlete or concert musician.  It does relate, and hopefully, I can show it.

Consistent Goals

One thing that each of us needs to do is have a master goal.  The reason why we spend all the time, money and effort with what we do.  If you can’t state your reason right now, with no uncertainty, you need to spend some time sharpening your focus on your dream.  A clear, consistent and unfailing goal will keep you going when times get tough.  And they will get tough.

Here’s a look behind the curtain.  My goal is this:  I want to be able to ride when I want, where I want, how I want.  That easy, and I am working towards it every day.

Consistent Thought

How will this help me reach my reason?  That is the main question I ask myself several times per day.  I need to channel my thoughts toward the reason so that I can make consistent progress toward it.  It’s a goal in itself, consistent thought.  No one can focus their thoughts at anywhere near 100%, but I can train myself to do more to be consistent.  It is doable.

Consistent Action

Get in line, stay in line.  Spend some time deciding the pathway to your reason.  Write it down, and write down intermediate goals that will propel you in that direction.  The secret to consistent action is planning.  I set quarterly goals, annual goals and 5 year goals.  I write them down, and write notes about HOW I am going to achieve these goals.  I review and modify my goals every quarter, and give myself a grade on how I did for the last quarter.  Some are better than others, but I still am able to maintain good, positive, consistent action on my search.  I make changes in the direction, but not in the action.

Consistent Results

I keep plugging away no matter what.  Sometimes the results are very good, sometimes not so much.  I work hard at trying to keep the results trending upward, on a gentle slope.  Truth is, I don’t dream of the ‘big score’, I dream of a thousand little scores.  I want the trend to be upward and little steps and successes make that possible.

Consistent Effort

Keep on keeping on.  Sometimes it is just that simple.  Consistent effort daily, every day, keeps the trend moving upward.  This is my 100th post of 2013.  A big deal, certainly, but only as part of the deal.  When I started this project in January, my goal was 3 posts every 2 weeks.  Obviously that has changed, and I now publish at least 3 times per week.  Consistent effort has, in my case, led to consistent output.  It really does work.

And in the End

I’m proud of my 100th post.  It shows me that I have made the effort to give my readers consistent new content.  I hope I have some success, there.

I’m just sayin’


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