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I have questions!

Everybody that has a pulse has questions.  From newborn (I wonder when that food service comes around again??) to the very oldest (I wonder when that food service comes around again??) every single one of us has questions that are important to our lives.

Some questions are of vital importance to our very survival, some are completely frivolous wonderings that have no impact on anything.  The questions that I ask today fall somewhere between these two benchmarks, I would hope somewhat nearer the second than the first.  We will see…Today’s questions deal with ‘Newness’ and when a thing isn’t. New that is…


When is a thing no longer new?  I realize that this is a marketing medium, and NEW is the ultimate, best, most used word in all of marketing.  Just the word itself carries excitement, I always want to see what’s new.  When is it not new?

Ninja Surf:  Really guys?  There is nothing new about the Legacy Team, they are all grizzled veterans of the internet.  They have owned and improved this site for quite a long time, isn’t it time to advertise another aspect than “Under New Ownership”?  Ninja Surf is a terrific TE that the Legacy guys have taken to greatness.  Please let it quit being new…

Nerdbux:  OK, this might qualify on time, it’s only 2 months old.  But at 85,000 members, it seems to me that the ‘newness shine’ may have worn off this.  It’s not brand new, it’s an incredibly successful and fast growing (Alexa top 1000) site that has tons to offer. Nerdbux is not ‘brand new’.  Can we agree that 100,000 members is no longer new? Gives TimTech about 2 weeks to change the advertising…

Ripplin:  No link, I have no part of this.  My question would be:  How long can 60 day prelaunch continue to be sold?  This product has been 60 days from release for way over 6 months, and nothing has happened.  As of this morning, it was still 60 days out, predicted to be ‘bigger than email’, and continuing to sell pre memberships.  When does it end?  When does it release?  How long can this carry on?

There are at least 1000 sites that have been advertising a ‘brand new way’ to make a million overnight.  With the same exact ads they were using when I came to this world over two years ago…Same DUSAP ads, same, same, same.  Nothing new at all on this front, there is no way to make a million in a month, new or old.  It just doesn’t work.

And in the End

It is truly ‘Caveat Emptor’ (buyer beware) world.  ‘New’ is the most overused word in the entire advertising world.  Judge for yourself, carefully.  I’ll have more questions shortly, no doubt.

I’m just sayin’

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