On Creativity

On Creativity

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The Best Blog Post Ever

Creativity for me is like a fickle lover.  No telling when you are going to get it, but it’s always wonderful when you do.

The idea germ for this post started on a Sunday morning as I did some pleasure reading. One site that I genuinely like is Brain Pickings.  The author, Maria Popova publishes at least 10 times per week, always thought provoking and well written and researched.  This week’s digest had several items that resonated with me, and I will shamelessly use them.

“Creativity is Subtraction” by Austin Kleon (Steal Like an Artist) is part of the feature.  With that theory, this black block is the greatest blog post ever written.  All I have to do to make it be so is remove the excess black from it and leave the appropriate white spaces.  It’s all there, the challenge is mine.

Common Creativity

Creativity is never common, but some of us show it more commonly than others.  Justin Ledvina (CEO of TimTech) is a very talented designer, creativity is a hallmark of his designs.  I don’t think it comes real easy for Justin, but he grinds along until the page looks like his vision.  It’s that ability to transfer vision to reality that defines creativity.

But there is more!  Justin is the creative genius behind AdKreator the design software that allows the rest of us to express our creative drive.  Not only does he have the ‘creative bone’ but he has the talent and ability to design creative software for the non creative masses.

Uncommon Creativity

The other side of the coin.  Many (most) simply take the creativity of others and hijack it to make it seem to be theirs.  Their only creativity is in the lengths they will go to keep from being caught.  Plagiarism is one blatant form, to the point where most writers of substance embed code in their writing to at least get it attributed to them.  Design and code copy is an epidemic on the internet.  A new design feature will be copied exactly in days.  And no recourse for the creative mind that really did the work…There are more than a few ‘snake oil salesmen’ that will steal whatever you will pay for.

The Answer

It’s easy, really.  Appreciate and support true creativity.  Detest and expose fraudulent and shoddy practices.  Like always, it boils down to personal responsibility.  I can choose to make a difference, by supporting the creative among us, and not supporting the frauds.  I told you it was easy!

And in the End

Did I cross the line on ‘creativity theft’ with my greatest blog post section above?  I identified the author and the work that inspired my take on the matter.  Am I too close to the theft of creativity?  What are your thoughts on it?

I’m just sayin’


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