Promises Broken

Where from Here

This post is later today than I would normally post, and I am just beginning to write.  Actually, I’m am just beginning a re-write, and not the first of those.  Why?

With this post, I am done writing a regularly scheduled post on PTC.  I am clearly not the person to do this needed service.  I have done enough research to know that the PTC segment of the industry needs an articulate and passionate spokesperson.  I really think there is a living to be made in the long term by work performed now and on into the future.


However, making money and doing a needed service is not enough to carry ME through the grind of a regularly scheduled blog.  I lack the required fire, the passion in the business to carry it on.

If you think you have the passion and fire that it takes to write about PTC, by all means, go for it.  If you get up in the morning thinking about and wondering about PTCs, this might be for you.  I know there are a thousand reasons why you can’t, but if you have the required passion, you can.

Writing, of itself, is a learnable skill, like tennis.  ANYBODY can look up the rules, learn the basics, and become proficient.  Anyone, that is, that cares enough about tennis to be able to find joy in the grinding practice and failure that will be with you from the start.  It’s that passion that carries you through the 3 early morning practices per week…

And in the End

I will continue to report on PTC issues and news in the course of my regular blog writing.  I sincerely hope you will understand why I can not do the thing I promised to do.  For me to continue this would be less than honest, and less than what I have promised you, my trusted reader.

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