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It seems my pile of ‘Things that need to be mentioned’ is about to tip over and flood my desk.  Again.  I’ll take some of the most pressing to task today…


OK.  I’ve thrown David Easton and Traffic Browser under the bus twice.  To his enormous credit, he has stayed with it, made changes and now has a useable product.  It’s not perfect yet, but it is very useable.  I find myself using it about 3-4 times per week.  When it works it really is fast, and it is the ultimate way to surf for credits.  And get your CTP badges (allow pop ups, and you will have to sign in once).  Kudos to David and Traffic Browser for the hard work and continuous changes that the program has taken.


Nerdbux is absolutely on a tear.  TimTech has their PTC site over 105,000 members, advertising and results are flowing like beer in a Liberty Port, and everything and everyone is happy.  It’s hard to remember that this site is just over 3 months old.  What an exciting process this is to watch and participate in!

Mini Rants

The quoted lines are taken directly from advertising that I have personally seen around TE Land.

“Your Downline is Safe With Us”  No it’s not.  Nobody should ever turn over their downline or list to a third party.  Any third party.  They want your list so they can promote what they want and to sell your list’s addresses to even less ethical advertisers.  DON’T DO IT!!

“100% Legal”  Really?  If you need to put that disclaimer in your advertising, you are probably advertising the wrong product.  I for one, don’t believe you!

“Let Me Show You the Money”  OK.  I’m sure.  Show me the path to the money, maybe?  I’m pretty skeptical.

“Pack More Fun Into 2012”  I don’t know about you, but I’ve packed all the fun into 2012 I could stuff into it.  I’m ¾ done with 2013.  Time to update your ad, maybe??

Are there specialty sites that turns out those really crummy looking splash pages and landing pages?  It seems like I am seeing more and more of them.  Looks like they were made on a regular browser based editor by a clumsy 3rd grader.  Do you really expect people to click on that junk??  Really??  How can that even exist?  There are several really good places to build good solid pages, you really can’t afford to put out junk.  AdKreator is my favorite, but it is not the only one available.  Have a little pride, please!

And in the End

It looks like I got seven ‘little slips of paper’ out of my stack.  It’s reduced it enough that it’s not in any particular danger of flooding my desk.  A roaring success at that, at least.

I’m just sayin’

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