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Tracking for Fun and Profit

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One way to track

Now there is a sexy title if ever there was one!  I’m sure that 90% of the people that look at this will roll their eyes and move on.  Tracking is not exactly the perfect water cooler topic, it probably isn’t going to get you much action at the night club,  but it should be part of your basic tool box in this industry!

Tracking, in theory,  is pretty easy.  You put a marker on the ad or website that you want tracked then see what it has done.  Tracking in practical terms is often not so easy. Sometimes it’s just easier to get a bloodhound and do it the old fashioned way.

Why Track?

Several reasons:

1:  To know who is clicking on your site and from where.

2:  Fraud Prevention:  Not every TE owner delivers 1k views for 1k credits. Just sayin’.

3:  Testing:  Which page works best?  How do I know?  Track results!

4:  Coolness factor:  You get a new vocabulary and ability to use it.

5:  Cool Graphics:  I check into my tracker several times a week just to look.

Tracking Made Easy

I use, have from the start of it.  I had begun to feel the need to track, and signed up at TE Toolbox when TimTech changed to  I am still billed for a TEToolbox subscription… makes tracking just stupid simple.  It’s a two step process that takes less than a minute.  1:  Copy your ad location.  2:  Paste it into the appropriate line on the ‘Links’ section at  That’s it, you are now tracking.  Want to track banners?  Add a step because there are two locations for a banner.  The ad itself and the target it goes to.  Call it a minute and 10 seconds worth…  Want a counter on your website?  A little strip of code on the site and done.  I did it first try, it must be very easy.

Tracking for Free is not free.  It is a very reasonable $9.95 per month, a bargain for a full featured (and then some) tracker.  But they have a 30 day free trial, and I am telling you, in 30 days you can be a tracking wizard and get a very honest idea whether or not you really need tracking (you do).

Tracking for Me

Here’s the deal.  Sign up under me, and I’ll share everything I know about  Heck, even if you don’t sign up under me, I’ll be glad to help anybody with the program.  You can leave contact information in the comments here, or you can email me at  That’s my real email address, I’m pretty easy to get hold of.  And glad to help!

And in the End

This is a program that I believe in completely.  It is so versatile I could write an entire book about it and never get it all in.  It’s so easy it is fun.  It’s one of those rare Goldilocks products “Just Right”.

I’m just sayin’

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