Winning is a Small Thing

Drive it Deep

Nascar Race Photo
Racin’ and Businessin’ are about Winning!

The idea for this comes directly from Day 15 in Justin Ledvina and Patrick Griffin’s new book “Inspiration Beyond the Quotes”.  The words are mine, the idea, find a little extra, is theirs.  Yes, I am absolutely shameless.  You should buy the book and see it for yourself.  It’s really worth the price for the work the guys have put into it!

On the Gas

I am a big NASCAR fan and a fan of racing in general.  Have been for about 50 years. There are a good many ways to win a race, but the easiest is to make more power than the rest of the racers.  It’s up to the off track team to give their driver just a little bit more than the rest of the competitors.  It’s not always the fastest car that wins, but that’s a good way to bet.

The same is true in business.  The ability to find that ‘little extra’, the one degree of separation from your competitors, is often the key to success.  Often that little extra is already in you, all you have to do is find it and you can zoom away from the pack.

On the Brakes

One way to pick up position on a racetrack is to ‘Drive it Deep’ into the corner, brake impossibly hard, and get back into the throttle before the car you are racing can match your acceleration.  It is the timely application of brakes that is key to this strategy.

Sometimes, winning in business is the same.  Being willing to take the high risk/high reward option has it’s place.  Like the racetrack, you can’t do it all the time, or you will wear out your equipment and tires and slow down.  But once in a while, you need to take that chance and go for it.  Don’t miss it…

On the Wheel

It’s a physical fact that the shortest way around any racetrack is the white line at the very bottom.  If you don’t have the fastest car, you probably ought to be able to stick right on the bottom and go the shortest distance.  It’s really the only path to winning with a slower car.

First.  There is a huge advantage to having your product or service in the market first. Generally speaking, nobody gets it right from the start, so waiting until your product is perfect and ready to ship is like taking the ‘high line’ on the racetrack.  The competitor that gets to the market first and is willing to ‘fix it’ has a huge advantage.  Don’t wait until your car is right, get out there and get in front.  You can fix it as the race progresses…

In the Lead

Nobody ever wins a race driving in the rear view mirror.  Once you have the lead, once you have your product viable, keep your eyes on the track ahead of you, and don’t worry about your competition.  Make them pass you when you are driving well, not when you are watching their every move.  That’s the way of winning, in business and in racing.

And in the End

“Boogity, Boogity, Boogity.  Let’s go businessen’, Folks!”

I’m just sayin’


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