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Every now and again something comes along that just rattles my cage.  Totally unique, entirely new, chock full of possibilities. Did you ever imagine a traffic exchange with no credits to be earned or used?

Surf Duel

A brand new traffic exchange, brought to you by TechDime, the same folks that brought you Brisk Surf.  It’s like Brisk Surf in that it is very clean, a completely custom script, but the similarity stops there.  Surf Duel is like no other.

What’s Different?

Everything. Sites are shown side by side, two at a time.  You, the surfer has to choose one.  Sites that are picked are shown with greater frequency, those that aren’t picked are shuffled to the bottom of the list.  It’s a one on one popularity contest where the winner gets more views.

How Can You Get Sites in Rotation Without Credits?

Easy.  If you are a free member, you have to view 150 pages (300 sites) to get your site(s) in rotation.  First upgrade, you have to surf 50 pages per day.  Premium member does not have a surf requirement.  Nothing to it!

What I Like

I love the ‘dueling’ aspect of SurfDuel.  I have been using it from the start to ‘split test’ splash pages.  It’s pretty darn easy to see which page wins, it’s chosen more.  Fast and colorful works here, cluttered and long does not.

I really like the uniqueness of the site.  It is different from everything else you have seen. The two sites sliding up side by side is just plain different.

The responsive owners.  This site is still in Beta, it is NOT a finished product.  Contact the owners through support, and you will get an answer to your question or suggestion very promptly.  It’s just great to be listened to…

What I Don’t Like

This is a Beta site, not a finished product.  I get it.  Still, there are some things that should be addressed sooner rather than later.

‘Report Site’ button.  This is a real need.  The owners are diligent and vigilant and have made huge strides on eradicating junk sites, but one still slips through now and again.  You need to be able to report these.

Easier Navigation on/off the Surfbar.  You have to click the SurfDuel logo to go to stop surfing and go to the home page.  A button here would make life easier and less confusing.

The Logo.  Nit picking.  A little more pizazz would not hurt this site at all.  It’s pretty bland looking but isn’t bland at all.

Final Thoughts

I really like the concept and design of the site.  There are some things I would change, for sure.  But the idea of going head to head with another website suits me well.  I give the overall project a huge ‘thumbs up’.

And in the End

I’ll admit.  I’m a junkie for the place.  My morning just isn’t complete until I have gotten my SurfDuel fix.

I’m just sayin’


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