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A boy thinkingSeth Godin made me think this week.  Go figure.  He’s merely one of the best writers alive.  Publishes at least one book per year AND a blog post at least once per day.  The blog post that set this off is right here.  If you want to know the genesis of this post, you’ll have to read Seth’s post, I’m not giving away squat.

While you are at Seth Godin’s Blog site, sign up.  It’s free and it’s good.  Might even make you think.

Human Doing

Yep.  Instead of ‘human being’ I get into the trap of ‘human doing’.  I don’t think, I respond.  I don’t savor anything, I just want the next bite, right NOW.  Quicker, faster, better.  I get the idea that the more information I can collect, the smarter I become.  Wrong.  The more information I can DIGEST, the smarter I become.

Next page, next page, next page.  Maybe you can relate.  I get into that so far that it sometimes think that I HAVE to live my life at that rate of travel.  Do I?  Do I really have to live my life at full tilt boogie all the time?

Human Being

I have the ability to think, to plan, to act on those plans.  Be-ing instead of Do-ing.  I can do this this.  It’s simply a matter of priority, a matter of making the decision and sticking to it.

Here’s an idea.  Maybe I ought to try to learn more from one person rather than trying to get it all from a thousand.  Gain some insight and knowledge, slow my pace a little, at least at times.

I am a human being.  I just have to allow myself that.  Be rather than do.

Personal Responsibility

Uh oh.  Guess who is in charge of my being?  Me.  No one outside of my skin is in control of anyone inside.  It’s my responsibility who and what I am.  No one else.  Just lonely old me.  It’s easier to respond rather than think  It’s easier to go at the pace that I perceive everybody else is going.  (Now there is a topic for a blog post:  Perceptions of others.)

It all boils down to the same old thing.  I am responsible for my being.  I live life as I choose, not as somebody else chooses.

And in the End

I think I’ll go think about just being.  Maybe I’ll learn a little in the process…

I’m just sayin’

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