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All of My Links logo BannerI don’t know how you are, but I collect stuff.   Lots of stuff.  That part of my persona is reflected in my bookmarks on my computer.  I have over 5000 links in various and sundry folders and categories.  The problem is, how to organize them so I can find stuff that I want to see again.

I use folders in my bookmark bars, I use categories in my folders.  I have several spreadsheets that contain all manner of stuff.  I have little slips of paper coating the entire top of my desk.  Or, more correctly, had.  I found the answer several months ago…

All of my Links

From the mind of Sunny Suggs with technical assistance from Jay Hines, comes All of my Links.  It is THE answer to ‘where did I put that link?’  It started when I bellyached in public about not being able to find a link for a TE that I just knew that I had.  Sunny to the rescue.  She’s had this program out since 2009, and just now has completed a face lift on it.  It is beautiful.

It works.  First time, every time.  I have my home page set up so that the 8 websites that I visit most often are arrayed there.  I can just click on the image and I’m in.  All of my Links is my 3rd most visited website in the last 6 months.  I go there at least 5 times per day.  It started as a way to keep track of my TEs and Mailers, but has grown to much, much more.

What I Like:

I really like how easy it is to set up.  There is a huge list of TEs already entered, all you have to do with them is enter your ref id and done.  If you want to enter a site that isn’t there, click a tab, enter up to 3 urls (log in data, support data, referral link) and done. Quick and easy to set up.

Ease of use.  The sites are sorted alphabetically after you enter them.  If you can remember the name, you can find it fast.  If you can’t exactly remember the name, or have a really huge list, there is an easy search function.  No problem.

The new look.  Sunny (with tech assistance from Daniel Heyman) has really cleaned the site up.  It’s much more pleasing on the eye, and is even easier to use.  It really is an attractive package!

The downloads.  A great selection from Sunny’s collection is available as soon as you sign up.

What I don’t Like

That I don’t have even more links entered.  Every day I look for something that isn’t in All of my Links, and have to enter it.  I typically take the time to enter a whole category, if that’s what it takes.

That I didn’t start using it earlier.  I could have saved myself hundreds of hours spent searching over the years.  It is THAT good.

Tip of the Day

I have started using AOML for my current advertising links.  Name the ad carefully, then put the URL into the ‘ref id’ category.  That way, all of the links I need are RIGHT THERE when I am entering ads to a TE or Mailer or whatever.  If it’s a banner I’m working with, I put the picture URL in the ‘support’ category.  Really saves a lot of time if I am doing several sites at several TEs.  A lot of time!

Final Note

This is not a free service.  It is worth every cent, plus more.  But it is not free.  It’s a great deal.  I’d like to put the price in here, but it’s been long enough and the service is good enough that I just don’t remember:)

And in the End

All of my Links saves me time every single day.  It really is THAT good!

I’m just sayin’

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