Don’t Wait Again

Eight days ago, I published ‘Don’t Wait’.  It was at least partially inspired by my friend’s diagnosis with liver cancer, and the complications of that.

My friend Denny died Friday night.  7 days after I wrote it, 6 after publication.  God bless him, he was a good friend.  I’ll miss him terribly.

Do it NOW

The rest of the story isn’t about dying, it’s about living.  Don’t wait for ‘the stars to align’, don’t wait until you are certain, don’t make it be perfect.  Go for it.  Now is the time, the only better time is 10 minutes ago.

There are more ways to die than just for your heart to stop.  There is the personal and professional death of not being able to push your dreams and goals forward.  There is the emotional death knowing that you have a good product that you are afraid to produce.

Ask yourself this.  Am I really going to be more secure in this tomorrow?  REALLY?  Do it now!

The Other.

There is a thing you probably don’t know about me (there are others:)).  I am a recovering alcoholic, I don’t drink at all, haven’t for better than 23 years.  Not a good thing, not a bad thing, just a thing.

There is another thing.  I’m back on the Atkins diet (I lost 75# and kept it off for 3 years).  I got lazy and complacent and gained 25# back.  I have lost 8 pounds since the first of the month, it’s going really well.

What’s the point of these personal disclosures??  I’m going to eat ice cream.  I’m going to the store as soon as it opens (in a couple hours) and buy ice cream and eat every delicious morsel.  I’m going to eat ice cream until I founder.

I’m just sayin’

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