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The Case for Unsubscribe

There is a lot of ‘buzz’ in traffic exchange land about quality vs quantity traffic.  I may have contributed some of it myself (see last Saturday’s post here).  Net Market Forum has several topics that are at least loosely related to the subject.  I’m going to take another swing at it.

Unsubscribe RejectionPicture of Rejection

I get it, believe me.  When your list is small (and mine certainly qualifies), an unsubscribe, or a person that goes dormant in your program feels like a punch to the stomach.  It feels like personal rejection of what I have worked so hard to build…How can they leave me now??

There are lots of reasons, and none of them have to do with personal rejection.  Not what they thought they were signing up for?  Unsubscribe.  Too many e mails?  Unsubscribe.  Too much time to take care of?  Adios.  Too busy trying to make it their way to pay attention to yours?  Goodbye.

Note that none of these reasons was “This is a no good slime sucking SOB that I am embarrassed to do business with”.  Not a one was “This person is really ignorant and I desperately fear it may rub off on me”.  If they felt that way they wouldn’t have signed up in the first place.

Risk Subscription

Accepting a subscription or a sign up is taking a risk.  Once you sign up one person you are required to perform.  And it’s in my best interest to perform at a certain level or….they will unsubscribe in a second.  Risky behavior, I put myself at risk to rejection and the dreaded u word.  Oh, the humanity of it all!

On the other hand, not taking subscriptions, not signing people up, not taking a risk is certain.  Failure.  If you don’t play, you never, ever win.  The best you can hope for is to not lose, and guess what??  You already have.  Lost.

And another thing

What does it matter where your subscriptions come from and how many never become active or drop out right away?  Really?  As long as you don’t go into negative numbers with your subscription list, (I need to find four more subscriptions to make it to zero) is a positive.  I need to concentrate on what I do have, not on what I don’t.

Celebrate the subscribers!  Those that are active and loyal are the core of your business. The absolute core.  Make life for them the best it can be, and you will find that they tell others of your product.  The beat goes on.  I can make it a positive beat, or I can piss and moan about the negative.  Which would you rather listen to??

And in the End

This should be my last post with the horrible internet connection.  At least in theory, I should have a tech person here on Monday.  I am way past ready.

I’m just sayin’

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