Customer Service

Customer Service

Well, let me tell you a story….

Once upon a time (about 10 days ago), my internet service went completely sideways, throttled down to 256kbs, the same speed I had in 1990 when I started with bbs.  I did what I could, IM with Century Link (formerly known as Ma Bell) Customer Service in Boise, Idaho…

Keith:  “Yes, I can see that your service is way slow.  Would you like me to schedule a tech to come to your place?”

Me:  “Please”.

Keith:  “Know that there could be an $85.00 charge if the problem is in your house.”

.Me:  “Schedule it.”

Keith:  “Next Monday between 9:00 and 11: 00 am.”

Me:  “That long?  I really need this service.”

Keith:  “First available appointment.  Best we can do.”

Fast forward to Sunday, 11:15 am.  The Cardinals vs Jacksonville football game has just started, I have a pizza in the oven.  The neighbor’s dog alerts me to someone at my place.  I am not surprised, I had a guy that was supposed to show on Saturday to look at a trailer that I have for sale, but was very surprised to see a Century Link truck parked in front of my house.

Me:  “Are you here to fix my innerwebs?”

Tech:  “I’m here to tell you what is wrong.”  <Cue the ominous organ music>

Me:  “I am pleasantly surprised that you are a day early, but I have a pizza in the oven.  I thought you’d call first.”

Tech:  “<Grunt>  Where is your connection?”

Me:  “I’ll show you.”

Tech:  <Grunt>.”

….Ten minutes pass.  I am eating my first piece of pizza.  Knock on the door.

Tech:  “I found that your service was out of synch, it is now up to full speed at the source.  I suspect that you have a problem with your house wiring.  I couldn’t read your modem correctly from the source.”

Me:  “What should I do?”

Tech:  “Want me to check?”

Me:  “Please

Tech:  “It’ll cost $85.00”

Me:  “OK.”

Two minutes later (after he had borrowed a telephone patch cord from me)

Tech:  “Yep, you have a problem with your house wiring.”

Me:  “What should I do?”

Tech:  “Want me to work on it?”

Me:  “Costs $85.00, right?”

Tech:  “No, you spent your $85 for me to check for a problem.  Costs $60 for the first 15 minutes, $100 per hour or part of after that.”

Me:  “What???”

Me:  “You are out of your f…ing mind.”

Me:  “What’s it cost for a recommendation?”

Tech:  “Rewire.  Do A, B, C, should be no problem…Have a nice day.”

So after a 15 minute service call I am left with no internet service at all and $85.00 poorer.  In the interest of time, I won’t detail my experience at Radio Shack, except to say that it made Century Link’s customer service look just fine…I am probably lucky that I didn’t spend Sunday night in jail.

Customer Service Again

Don’t be that guy.  Don’t be that company.  Work with your customers.  They wouldn’t call or text or whatever if everything is good.  Know that they are pissed and want help desperately, I beg you.  The net result of my experience will be never again for two businesses.  Don’t be that guy.

And in the End

This kind of customer service was on the level with a horse servicing a mare, or a bull servicing a cow.

I’m just sayin’

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