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Let’s get the disclaimer right up front, shall we?  Nick Grimshawe is a friend of mine.  Nick and I started at CTP somewhere near the same time, started to make acquaintance and have gone on to real friendship.  Also, my CTP Manifesto is included in Nick’s resource area.  The Manifesto is really a glorified index to CTP, and I am honored to have it included. Shows me just how far I was from ‘best use’ I was when I wrote it.

Which in no way diminishes what I think of his site.  It is just terrific. Learn With Nick has taken CTP training to a whole new level, a level of professionalism that really adds to the training available at CTP.  And know that I consider Click Track Profit the best training available for our business that is available on the net.  At any price!

What It Does

Gives the new person bite sized portions for the training at CTP.  Nick is a master of the personal video (does anybody else remember the orange sweater?) and uses short video to really drive home the key steps atCTP.

What It Doesn’t Do

Learn With Nick is not a replacement for CTP.  It is a primer, or a companion to.  Nick carefully guides people through the process at CTP from signing up to referral links.

What I Really Like

I really like the way Learn with Nick is laid out.  Very logical and well thought out.

I really like the design,

I really like that the site is set up so that free users can get a ton of good out of it, and that the upgrade is reasonable and worth the price.  A very nice combination.

I really, really like the personal way that Nick uses video.  Every time I watch one, I feel like he is talking to me in the same room.

Expert Help

Nick didn’t do this all by himself, he hired people to the things he needed to.  It shows, all over the site.

He has a great resource page, with all the CTP training that has gone before, along with input and products from a wide range of really qualified people.  It’s pretty impressive and very useable.

Continuing Education

Part of Nick’s promise at Learning is that he will continue to improve and update his site. Today, Wednesday Nov. 20th, Nick had a webinar on ‘Planning for 2014’.  It’s the first of a 4 part series, and the first one was terrific (You can watch the recording, it’s on Spreecast).  I’m really looking forward to the next one (next week).  I am seriously impressed!!  Join the site, and you’ll get notification.


Learn With Nick is just a wonderful resource.  It’s so good, and with the continuing education promises to remain relevant and fresh for a long time.  It’s been well thought out and the execution of it is near flawless.

And in the End

Nugget:  This site is VERY promotable.  It’s not only a great tool for building your downline, but the reasonable price on the valuable upgrade makes for commission payments, too.

I’m just sayin’


Breaking News!  From the genius of Russell Stockley comes this event calendar. Bookmark it, use it, enjoy it!!  What a deal!!  More about this soon!!


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