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“Things that make you go hmmmm”.  I have several things written down lately that give me reason to say ‘Really?’  I wouldn’t call this a full blown rant, maybe just more like ‘what were they thinking?’.


You know what DUSAP stands for, right??  Don’t Use Standard Affiliate Pages.  It seems I’m seeing more and more and more of them currently.  Maybe everybody is gearing up for the holidays and short on time, maybe they are getting results with them, maybe they are just lazy.  I don’t know, but it seems I see hundreds of pages crafted from the same mill. Same colors, same font, same look and feel.

The thing I’ve found out about DUSAP ads?  They just don’t work as well as one you have crafted yourself.  If you just can’t make an ad all by yourself, Rhonda at MMS can set you up cheap.  Really cheap.

Turn a 1 Time $4.78 payment into a Million Dollar Income!

Really??  OK, I’ll bite.  Here’s $10.00, give me two.

I know, I know.  I’ll give the second one away on the internet, just like the guy in the ad is doing.  I’ll give away my second million…

Oh, Yeah.  It’s a DUSAP ad.  How could you guess??

What’s That You Say??

Direct from an ad I saw in rotation this morning.  “Make sure your sound is turned up…Wait 10 seconds for the video to load.”

I’m thinking that a very small percentage of the population is going to follow those instructions.  “Know what I mean, Vern??”

You’ve paid out HOW much??

You know all those counters for the various small PTCs are dummies, right?  I mean, really, it’s part of the script, and it just keeps it growing every time somebody views the ad. It’s easier to dummy up than a Pay Pal statement.

There was an official launch for a new PTC on Wednesday.  He’d had a soft launch, to work the bugs out and such, but officially launched on Wednesday.  His count totals on Wednesday were 41, 393 members, 2,129,153 views and $3,276.78 paid out.  That would be a heck of a soft launch if it were anywhere near reality…it’s not.

Just so you don’t think I’m throwing anyone specific under the bus, there is another one that has been open less than two weeks that shows 1,359,985 members and $256,632 paid out.  That is a real serious two weeks.  Makes it about the 5th most active site on the innerwebs…In two weeks.  Oh, yeah.  I believe.

The Biggest Launch of the Year!

Nice red counter, now is down to 7 days and something.  Biggest Launch of the Year.  Haven’t bothered showing us a product yet, no idea at all except ‘Biggest Launch of 2013’.  I’m frankly a little skeptical.  Just a little, mind you.

Anybody remember Ripplin?  That was touted as the biggest launch of ever.  4 months they hammered every day.  Promised it would be bigger than Facebook.  Promised it would be bigger than Google (REALLY??).  I don’t honestly know if they ever did get a product to market.  Most of those counter driven big launches are simply ‘fundraising opportunities’.  For the ‘developer’.  Not so much for the people that actually put money into it.

Maybe this one is different.  Or not.

And in the End

It’s a buyer beware market, I get that, but REALLY??

I’m just sayin’

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