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In my surfing and travels around the innerwebs, I note that at least 17 new Paid To Clicks, 14 Viral Mailers, and 8 new Traffic Exchanges have been released in the last month. These are minimum numbers, the effect seems to be hundreds.

The obvious question is:  How can you and I know which ones have a chance, and which ones don’t?  The answers aren’t near so obvious, but I’ll will try to give some hints and a couple of hard recommendations.


The flurry of PTC sites is just amazing, and we all know that the easy way to make money on the things are to get in at the start.  We also know that most of them will fail in the first 6 months, taking all the time and money that you have invested down the drain with them. How can we tell?

First, don’t believe the claims of members and payouts.  All these scripts have those features built right into them.  I know of one month old PTC that claims near 2,000,000 members and over $500,000 paid out.  Not happening.

Look to see if the front page has at least been modified slightly.  If a new PTC looks just like every other one on the market, it is because it is.  Shows that the owners haven’t put any money or effort into design and function.  Always a bad sign, a new PTC takes a lot of money to make it go, if they don’t put any into design, they probably don’t have enough to go on, and will probably be gone in 6 months without a memory.  Except for those individuals that are owed money in the collapse.  They will remember forever.

There are a couple of new PTCs that I suspect might make it, or at least survive.  There is one that I can recommend without hesitation, LegacyClix.  The Legacy guys have done this right, and LegacyClix will not only survive, it will thrive.  I would fully expect it to be one of the top 5 in the business in less than a year.

Viral Mailers

Maybe even more than the PTCs, new mailers really don’t fail, they just never generate enough interest to make them a viable platform for advertising.  1000 members is not enough to have any use at all…How do you know?

The same clues are useable in mailers, but the truth is, unless they have a name that I trust attached to them, I’m not going to play.  Is Darren Olander involved?  Brad Webb? Jerry Ianucci?  TimTech?  If not, I won’t even sign up until they succeed.  Not just not fail, succeed.

I have not got one recommendation for the new mailers.  I’ll wait and see if one distinguishes itself from the pack.

Traffic Exchanges

Again, the same story.  I’m an admitted sucker for new TEs, I often sign up.  I look for a custom script, an active owner (maybe someone I know??), and signs of advertising activity.  Lacking these, I have a tendency to go away and stay away.  I can only support so many, and I don’t like the idea of carrying one on my back.

That said, I have recently signed up for Hit Funnel.  Owned by Randy Sult, a friend.  It is pretty vanilla right now, but I just happen to know that Randy has plans and aspirations for it, and that he will be an involved owner.  I’m willing to take a chance on him, and will report again in 6 months or so…

And in the End

Most of these new programs aren’t worth a pinch of poop.  Careful involvement is the key for me.

I’m just sayin’

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