Short Stops

Short StopsDerek Jeter

OK, so it’s 57 days until pitchers and catchers report to spring training, a little early to be talking about shortstops generally…But this is really about several things that need to be reviewed.  Not enough for a whole column, but important none the less.

BTW, this isn’t my favorite shortstop, and far from my favorite team, but it’s a cool picture, right??


If you are not checking the TimTech 12 days of Christmas deals, shame on you.  I understand not buying, but the Santa clips with every one are way to funny to leave alone! You only have 7 left, the videos are epic.  The deals have been epic so far, too!

TimTech Expansion

TimTech has grown.  Two of my favorite people on the innerwebs are now official full time TimTech Nerds!!  Janelle Pineau and Patrick Griffith both joined the staff last week, I would just have a hard time imagining a better pair.  Janelle’s primary responsibility is support and Patrick is the alternate assistant basket maker and content creator.  WooooHoooo.

Sports Nerd Changes Direction

Scott Wright is in the process of making changes to his blog site and his direction in the business.  I for one think it’s a step in the right direction for Scott, and look forward to what’s coming!

Let’s Go Racing, Boys and Girls!

It’s season ending championship time at TE Racing League.  12 drivers qualified throughout the season, and now are racing for the $100 championship.  It’s pretty exciting to be a part of, even though I am too slow to win…And owner Robert Arnold has some pretty good Christmas deals going, too, that are worth checking out.

If you’ve never tried racing at TERL, now is the time.  Register on Monday or Tuesday, qualify on Friday (only 43 get to race on any Sunday) then race on Sunday.  It really is a lot of fun, and there are lots of credits and cash prizes at stake…


The Legacy Trio  have really jumped on the Tiger with Legacyclix.  No doubt they are in for the long haul, so people have been signing up and clicking like crazy.  So much so that they have faced server issues from time to time these first two weeks.  Looks like they have those whipped, and are on their way to a super successful site…


I have to have at least one short bellyache per post, don’t I?  Let me get my contract out and see…


I know launching a PTC is a really great thing, and we all expect you to be rich in the first week.  Just buy the script and find a place to hang it, then let the money flow.  Right?  Here’s a tip for you though:  Take the Latin filler script off your advertising page.  If you don’t have enough time to write a couple paragraphs of copy that is unique to your site, at least take the Latin filler down.  Really.  It won’t detract too much from your trips to the bank.

And in the End

Christmas is almost upon us, and New Years close behind.  Have you made your goals for 2014 yet?  Are they written down?  Are they so that you can evaluate them as you go along?  It’ll make a huge difference to you and your business next year.

I’m just sayin’

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