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TimTech CEOCigar smoking, money grubbing fat cat

Who is it going to be?  Who is going to be the new CEO at TimTech, while Justin is on vacation?

Is it you?  Do you want to lead a multimillion dollar company for a few days?

All you have to do is make a short video detailing why you think you should be CEO and post it on Twitter using #TimTechCEO.  That is all there is to the entry…and you can see the videos from all the entrants so far by simply using ‘search’ on Twitter.  Enter #TimTechCEO and you can see the whole field.


From the contestant’s perspective, there are several reasons.  In no particular order, there is the salary, the exposure and branding, the fun and challenge of getting way out of my comfort zone, the look behind the curtain, the chance to spend more quality time with some of the leaders of our industry.

Salary  I don’t know about you, but three days of Justin’s salary would be a nice bump for me.  Who am I fooling?  It would probably make my best month of the coming year.

The Exposure.  Who wouldn’t want 3 consecutive TELive sessions?  Really?  I’d turn myself inside out for that…

Comfort Zone.  Stretching myself out of the box that I am comfortable is huge.  Because once you find out you can, it becomes easier.  When it is easier you do it more often. When you do it more often, you make more money.  When you make more money, you want out of the box again!!

Look Behind the Curtain.  Who doesn’t want to see what really goes on at TimTech?  I would REALLY like to see some of their advertising/marketing data.  I would have some very specific questions about a number of things.

Schmooze the Big Dogs.  Think of it.  Direct communications with Jon Olson, Larry Dame, Brenda Broyles, Janelle Pineau, Patrick Griffith.  Maybe even Tim Linden and Justin Ledvina too!  Direct line communications with the Legacy Crew, John Novak, Randy Ritter, William A MillerII, and many others.  Wow.  At one question each, that’s like an encyclopedia of answers.

From the TimTech Perspective

A great opportunity to interact with the community, to showcase their business and talents, and to get to know some of the people they deal with a lot better.  TimTech is a far seeing corporation, and the more they know the people that support them, the better they can act and react.

From My Perspective

I get a lot of exposure and branding from just applying and keeping up the pressure on the other applicants.  I get to do some strange and wonderful things on camera.  I get to interact with other contestants, and get to know them better.  I get to pursue a goal with vigor, right out in public.  I get to let my peers know me better.  I am really a big winner having just applied.

It’s a win for everybody in the entire community.

And in the End

One more thing.  Would make a wonderful obituary item for me.  “One time CEO of TimTech.”  Pretty impressive.

I’m just sayin’

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