Five from the Future Past

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On the 4th of July, 2013 I published a ‘5 from the Future’ post.  It’s time to go back and see what I got right and what I got wrong.  You can see the entire post right here if you are so inclined.  I am sorry for the baseball scoring, pitchers and catchers report in 51 days, I can’t wait.

Basically, I made 5 predictions for the second half of 2013.  Here they are:

1:  Branding

“Personal promotion with out  a brandable, solid, sellable product attached is not sustainable.”  is what I said at the time, and I think it still holds.  It is not just your picture that ‘brands’ you, it is the whole package of who you are and what you do that gives you a sellable brand in this industry.  You really need to choose the product you promote as carefully as you can.  Simply attaching your picture to a thing does not constitute branding.

Rating:  Single.

2:  Niche TEs

Complete miss.  I predicted the rise of small agile TEs that would tailor themselves to specific niche markets, and specifically to the music market.  I still think that would work, and work well, but I may be the only one.  It would seem to me to be better than the ‘cookie cutter script’ launch that we still see.

Rating:  Strike Three called.

3:  The Future of Blogs.

I said “I believe we are already seeing the rise of the ‘specific’ blog and the demise of the ‘words on a page’ blog.”  Pretty prophetic.  I didn’t really know that Google was going to change the way all writing is rated to eliminate the ‘auto blogs’ and ‘keyword farming blogs’, but it worked out real well for my prediction.  Content really is king.  Good content talks, not good walks.

Rating.  Home Run

4:  The Future of Affiliate Marketing

“Affiliate marketers talking among themselves and deciding what is worthy of promotion and what isn’t.”  Well, it worked for me.  Does that count for anything??  I think it does, but for the course of this prediction, maybe not so much.  I still see the ‘Mega Launch’ with a pre launch, a couple of weeks of absolute frenzy, and done.  I was so hoping that was gone.  Anybody else remember Ripplin??

Rating:  11 pitch base on balls

5:  The Future of Social

I started with “I think the future of social marketing is smaller, lighter, more responsive” Shows you what I know.  Facebook rolls along just fine, Twitter went public, everybody loves big social.  Well, everybody that is anybody loves big social.

Rating:  GIDP  (Grounded into Double Play)  A fitting end to this.

Line Score:  2-0 lead for the home team, not bad.  Could have had a chance for a big inning, but I’ll take what I got.

And in the End

It was fun looking forward, it was fun looking back.  I wouldn’t be surprised if I try this again.

I’m just sayin’.

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