Winners, Losers Begin

Winners and Losers  Winners and Losers Thumb Gestures

It’s not the end of the year, but I can see it from here.  Time for the ‘winners and losers’ of 2013.


Lynn M’s Super Saver Series.  From the mind, heart and fingers of Lynn M, the saving grace of December.  Lynn unleashed an EMail series that is just terrific.  Save time, money and energy with her bulletproof ideas.

Status:  Winner


There is an absolute welter of new PTCs on the market, and one has gone out of it’s way to distinguish itself as the worst effort of all.  They left the Latin Filler in their sales page. Not even enough effort on the part of the owner to tune up the sales page.  Cumon man!

Status:  Loser

Legacy Clicks

Wow.  The fastest launched and promoted PTC that I have seen.  This place just Rocks, no other words for it.

Status:  Winner


Learn with Nick.

Nick Grimshawe launched the by far best primer for CTP yet.  Personal service, great content, step by step, this has it all.  Just doesn’t get much better.

Status:  Winner


Supposed to launch 3 months ago.  Supposed to launch 5 months ago.  Rumored to launch 8 months ago.  Supposed to be ‘bigger than Google’.  I really hope you didn’t buy into the hype.

Status:  Loser

Your EMail Series

Sunny Suggs brought out a sleeper this year, didn’t have much ballyhoo around it.  Let me tell you here and now, it’s a great step by step for anybody that wants to get into internet marketing.  It is a great how to from somebody that has and does know the ropes…

Status:  Winner


This offering from TimTech is so huge that I forget that it was launched in June.  In true TT style, this one turns the whole business on it’s head and sets new standards for excellence and customer appreciation every week.

Status:  Winner

Splash Page Designers

I have a clue.  It’s not an answer, but a clue to success.  If you use a completely stock (DUSAP) page and surround it with Host Gator Banners, I wonder about your level of sophistication.  Not good at all.

Status:  Loser

Make My Splash

Goes right with the one above.  Get Rhonda to design your splash and you get the pro from Dover.  She doesn’t charge near enough, and one day will realize that fact. Buy her stuff!!

Status:  Winner

And in the End

More like ‘And in the Middle’, This is getting too big.  I’ll pick it up next year!  Happy New Year one and all!

I’m just sayin’

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