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I thought about just putting up the title and leaving the whole page blank, because nobody knows exactly how to optimize a blog for Google. But, Google wouldn’t count that as usable content so I will soldier on.


I came into Internet Marketing on the opposite end of the innerweb from TELand, into the lap and clutches of the Internet Marketers (only 4 easy payments of $97.79) that generate all the DUSAP ad pages that we so love. The theory then (and now, so far as I know) was that great copy could sell anything and even decent copy could make you wealthy. That may have worked at one point in time, but all I got out of the experience was poorer and used up.

In those days there was a thriving market for keywords and Google search rankings. You could actually rank 1st page in a competitive market with nothing but a keyword listing. Pretty discouraging for a wanna be writer. I could write the very best page I have ever written and be outranked by a computer program that generated lists of words.

Then the great and wise Google decided to humanize their search results. Thousands of ‘blogs’ and keyword ranches and gibberish that ranked well went completely away in the algorithm change known as ‘Hummingbird’. Hope springs eternal and I started writing again.

Then came ‘Penguin’ and now ‘Panda’. Google has made three changes in three years to make writing and writers count again.

SEO for Blogs Today

Nobody knows exactly how to rank consistently on the first page of Google with the written word. We do know that Google is trying (and mainly succeeding) to make their search function more and more like our brain searches for stuff. They are trying to quantify content and the quality of writing.

What to Do?

Some will say “Don’t worry about SEO. Just write what you write and people will find you”

Some will say “SEO is more important now than it ever has been (they are probably selling an SEO service of some sort).”

I never, ever write to SEO. I don’t preconsider keywords, I don’t structure any of the body of my post with SEO in mind. I do choose my keyword and title very carefully, and do craft my meta description so that the key word appears in all three. I use Yost SEO plugin from WordPress to help me with this.

I put an image with an alt tag on every post. It is thought to improve rankings. Besides, a well chosen picture can certainly add to the post. I do use ‘tags’ on every post. If it is even remotely reasonable, I use outbound links in every post. This one doesn’t seem to qualify.

Google has brought writing back into the ranking game. It really is a pretty exciting time to be a purveyor of the written word.

I just looked over this post for the first time (first edit) I will promise you that the keyword for this post will be SEO. It only makes sense to me.

And in the End

I write for myself and my readers. Not for ANY search engine.

I’m just sayin’

Google is a registered trademark. I use it here specifically as ‘THE example of the world’s largest and arguably best search engine.



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