Saturday Shortstop: Mark Belanger

Mark Belanger
Mark Belanger

A nefarious poor hitter and equally great fielder, Belanger had an 18 year career in the big leagues, 17 with Baltimore in the 60’s and 70’s.  It was darn near impossible to hit a ball between Belanger and Brooks Robinson at 3rd base.

The CTPis3 badge hunt is winding down, less than a week left.  You can read all about it everyday, right here on the Sunny and Tom blog

Badge Badness

Lynn M wrote about it much more eloquently than I can, but I just don’t understand the under utilized badges.  Less than a week left, more than half the contest over, and there are still quite a few badges that haven’t been touched.  I understand ‘strategic waiting’, and I know several fit that category, but several also are just unused for no apparent reason.  I don’t get it, really.

Badge Goodness

Several 1st time badge holders are doing just great things with their badges.  Really enjoyable to see.

John Novak gave up 20% of his badges to promote two charitable causes, Kiva and the TE cares clean water campaign.  Just only one of the coolest things ever.  Even if you can’t afford to give at Kiva, just by signing up for the team you ensure that $25 will be loaned.  No reason not to…Kiva here and clean water here


Am I the only one that noticed that 2 very well hyped launches just didn’t happen?  One was going to be ‘the biggest launch of 2014’ and the other modestly claimed ‘the biggest launch ever’.  Neither one fired off as planned.  Do you think people are finally getting the idea about these stupid pre launches?  I certainly hope so…

I know it’s a language/translation thing, but I saw a ‘Bitcoin Ponzi’ promise.  And no, I didn’t click, just in case…

Janelle Pineau is just rocking it with her splash pages right now.  She’s turned out about 10 in the last week or so that are just out of this world.  The Doctor Traffic model is particularly unique, maybe the shape of things to come…A guy can do worse than emulating genius…

Mark Belanger had a very good career out of doing one thing extremely well.  He just fielded everything that was hit his way.  I could do a lot worse in my business career than to be the leader in just one thing…

I’m just sayin’

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