The Perception of Success

The path to the perception of successThere are a great number of factors that play into the successful care and feeding of a website, and not the least of these, the perception of success.

Yep, you need to look successful before you can become successful.  It’s a pretty general law of business.

Did you ever know a mortgage banker that wore blue jeans and an open shirt to work?  No, they need the perception of success.

Have you ever gone into an investment firm that was shabby?  Did you invest there? Perception is everything in that business.

Did you ever buy a refrigerator from a dealership that looked like it was on it’s last legs?

Translation to the On Line World

My sweatpants and T shirt won’t sell you a thing, and my house has definitely passed it’s prime.  But in my point of contact with the on line world, I look pretty good.  TrackeryMe is a site designed by Rhonda Pizor and executed by Sunny Suggs.  The small amount of money that cost is so worth it.

My blog site is not a professional site, but I have spent a lot of time on it and am more or less satisfied with the results.  The point is, I look good to an online visitor.

My third site, is a premium theme with professional (expensive) help with the look.  All three sites give off the perception of success and have helped me to success simply by looking the part.

What’s the Point?

The point is that the competition for the customer’s dollar (the ultimate point) and time is frantic.  Any little thing that doesn’t look or load right can be the difference in any transaction.

Good enough isn’t.  In online business, your website/landing page/sales page is either perfect or you are still working on it.  No other choices.  Good enough will not even let you show your product, it will be ‘back click and gone’.

What’s the Ultimate Point?

Dress the part.  If you are going to a job interview, dress appropriately.  If you are enticing online visitors, look the part.  The absolutely best product or service in all the world does not stand a chance with a shabby website.  Good enough is for the lazy and complacent.

And in the End

I just don’t get not putting in the effort to be the very best you can be.

I’m just sayin’

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