Rating a Traffic Exchange

Traffic Exchange GraphI started out in TE Land convinced that I could figure out a system that would rate the various and sundry TEs in a fashion that everybody could understand and use. I did a lot of math and figuring, timed hundreds with a stopwatch, and finally gave up.

Let’s be real here. I do NOT like the current ranking systems, because all involve voting, and the owners that have the best ‘vote for me’ promotion going dominate the ratings. Which wouldn’t be all bad if it weren’t for the obvious manipulation that goes on at those places. Stinks, actually.

I don’t look at those rankings, and I don’t vote. For anybody. It’s just how I am.

Not that I don’t have favorites, I certainly do. 80% of my surfing is done on 10 sites, obviously favorites of mine.

Rating a New TE

If I have reason to go to a new to me TE, I actually have a system. I’m not much for the ‘Launch Day’ crowd, even though I often join first day. Typically, I will join, surf 100 pages or so, then bookmark it for further review. I want to know how their ‘regular operation’ is, not the launch day frenzy…

First thing I do when I go back is carefully read the Terms of Service (TOS) and rules of the site. You’d be surprised how many I eliminate right then and there because of restrictive rules and policies. I pay particular attention to the commission payment and structure sections.

Then I check the surf ratio, credit per view and surf timer for free and upgraded members. A 10 second timer is too long for me, 6 is plenty. I mostly surf solo, I am really there to check the ads and see the sights. Even 6 seconds is an eternity when an ad comes up that I know I’ll never click on…

Then I check those three parts. I write down my credits (remember that auto assign credits often do not show in the account window) and surf a measured number of pages off the stopwatch. For a 6 second timer I expect to get 8 view per minute or more, otherwise I consider the timer skewed. I also expect to get all the credits promised. This isn’t always the case.

Bonus Pieces

I like chat. I like to surf sites with a chat, but it’s not a deal breaker. I’m not an active chat user, but really appreciate the feature. It’s like having some noise in an empty house.

I appreciate unique, too. I’m not talking about different colors, here, I am talking about unique features. Means to me that the owner takes pride in and cares about his site and surfers.

I like some games. I have a few that I always play, and some that I always ignore.

I like BADGES.

Naming Names

I said earlier that I do 80% of my surfing is at 10 sites. They are 4 from TimTech, 3 from Legacy, 2 of Eric Goettman’s and TERL. They are so well known that I won’t even name them…

There is another list of sites that I am really fond of, that I would surf much more were there more hours in my day. I will name these, because I really do encourage you to at least check them out.

In No Particular Order

Show Biz Hits: I may be a sap, but I just love the place. Lisa and Chris rock!
Surf Skeleton: If William would let me open the vault, I might move this up:)
List Build Surf: John Novak. No more needs to be said.
Cup of Traffic: Great site, great owner. Russell Stockley
Surf Duel: I really like the concept and execution. Totally unique.
Tezak Traffic Power: Fun and clunky from Tony Tezak.
Surfing Socially. Super slick place to surf from Matt Baker.
Social Surf 4 U: Barry Langdon has a great site, Barry is great, too.
Traffic Swirl: John Bell has one of the premium sites on the Net.
Crusin’ Exchange: Rob Paris has a fun place.

And in the End

That’s how I rate TEs, and my list.

I’m just sayin’


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