Saturday Shortstop: Maury Wills

Maury Wills with bases
image courtesy MLB

Maury Wills was an original hero for me.  He was the shortstop for the Spokane Indians (the Dodgers AAA affiliate) before he went up to lead the big club to the World Series Championship.  Wills lived in Spokane for years, both his boys went through HS in Spokane.  I got to know them and play some ball (mostly against) with them.

TERL (TERacingLeague) went over 20,000 members sometime Tuesday AM.  A real tribute to a great TE, Robert Arnold got the deal done in less than 15 months.  A whole bunch of owners need to pay attention to those numbers.  Tell me again that TEs and TE Land is failing.  All you have to do is work your ass off and promote like crazy.  Having a superior design doesn’t hurt, either.

The brand new and improved Affiliate Funnel TE rankings are out.  Big changes in how the sites are ranked.  Congratulations to Tony Tezak for being #1.  But…No TimTech site, no Legacy Site, no Eric Goettman site in the top 10.  Means to me that the rankings are pure Bullshit.  Pure.  Bullshit.

There are a couple of owners in TE Land that are launching a new product at least once per month.  You ever wonder why?  It’s called a cash grab, and it is more or less a Ponzi scheme.  Use the current program to pay the bills from the last several.  A business model that is doomed to fail…

I’m a big fan of those websites that plainly display their membership and how many have logged in today and such.  Gives me a real idea of how active and workable the site really is…  But I have to tell you that if you only have 4 joining today and your total membership is less than 2000 you would probably be better served to leave that information off your front page…

I wrote about Rating TEs on Thursday.  I didn’t say a thing about ‘engaged ownership’, purely an oversight on my part.  I look at my 20 favorite TEs (that I listed) and every single one has very engaged ownership.  EVERY ONE.  Startling coincidence, wouldn’t you say? Thanks to Russell and Nick for that observation…

Maury Wills wasn’t a great hitter.  He wasn’t a great shortstop.  He was the very best base stealer of his time, and with his best asset led the Dodgers into a pretty impressive record through the 60’s.  A great example of ‘find what you do best and exploit it to the maximum’. A pretty darn good business model for me, too.

I’m just sayin’


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