Working with WordPress

WordPressWordPress.  No doubt it is the single most used website entity on the net.  It is industry standard for a blogging platform, and a lot of sales sites use it too.  Incredibly flexible and customizable, it is capable of doing what most of us will ever require for a website.  And yes, it is free.

Done properly, a  WordPress site can be as effective as any on the net.  Done poorly, it can be the most expensive free product ever delivered.

Why WordPress?

I have 3 sites currently online.  Tom Wacker dot com is a WP site that I built entirely myself, Motorcycle Backroads is a WP site that had lots of professional help, and TrackeryMe is an LFM script (Log In Frequency Marketing) that was done entirely by Sunny Suggs and Rhonda Pizor.

Which is Best?

I’m going to say it right here, right now.  Sunny Suggs and Builtjust4U is the obvious answer.  Her rates are so reasonable and she and Rhonda do such a terrific job that I’m sure I’ll never build one all by myself again.  TrackeryMe cost less than just the header on Motorcycle Backroads.  Really.  All done.

So if you hafta have it right and on time, see Sunny.  Even me, tighter than a tick on a bear’s butt, can see the obvious value in Sunny’s service.  End of story.

But, if you just want to have a place to try your creativity and wish to learn new things, building your own WP site is fun and (relatively) easy.  You can sign up at WordPress and have a site up in 24 hours, easy.  You can also spend 8 hours per day for 2 years getting it perfect.

What do you Need ?

If you are still with me at this point, I presume that you are interested in building your own WP site.  This series will be aimed at you.  It will not be regularly scheduled, I will try to have one installment per week, but make no promises.

Next time I will do a quick overview of hosting and why you need to host your own site.  I’ll talk about your site name and signing up for WordPress.  As the series goes on, we will visit lots of the ins and outs of building and maintaining a WP site.

And in the End

I have the two WP sites listed, and have built 2 others.  Fortunately, they no longer exist and I will have lots of ‘don’ts’ to share with you as we develop this series.

I’m just sayin’


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