Saturday Shortstop: Dave Concepcion

Dave ConcepcionAn integral member of the Big Red machine from Cincinnati in the early 1970’s, Davey Concepcion won a total of 5 Gold Gloves and is the only player to have jersey #13 retired in all of baseball.

Seth Godin has written a new e booklet in conjunction with a Skillshare class that he has created.  He has further suggested (a most excellent suggestion) that we share it.  You can read it right here.  Think and enjoy!!

How many have noticed the new CSN City from Cash Surfing Network? A build a city game, and so far, it looks really cool. The bad news? They haven’t posted one word of ‘how to’ or ‘what to do’ or rules or instruction. So I propose that we all post up when we figure out how something works or what it does. It’s gotta be way more fun if you know what to do…

Anyway, leave a comment here if you are interested in learning how to play. I’ll make a spot on this website if there is any interest at all…

Will the US government require hacker arrests in exchange for Ukrainian aid?  How do you you feel about that?  Article here.  It seems a couple of Senators would like to force the Ukraine to clean up hacker heaven…

Of Note:  Amazon has settled their collusion suit with several of the major publishers, and I got a payment of $8.36 added to my account at Amazon.  If you have bought Kindle books over the course of the last 3 years you should be eligible too.  May be worth checking into.

Speaking of Kindle.  I have something over 3000 titles for my Kindle.  I understand and love books, but I can carry all 3000 with me all the time.  I can get a new book in 30 seconds without leaving the house.  And look at all the trees I have saved.  Who knew I would be a ‘greenie’?  No electrons were damaged in the transmission of this message…

Once more on Kindle.  My book “The Art and Science of Motorcycle Touring” is available exclusively at Amazon.right here.  Amazon makes it incredibly easy to self publish, and I strongly recommend it to anyone that is considering writing a book.  It has worked out incredibly well for me.

Did you hear about the 3rd grader in Colorado that was suspended from school because she shaved her head in support of a friend and classmate with stage 4 cancer? (article here)  In a sudden burst of sanity, the school board voted to reinstate her.  For what it’s worth, is the reason I started wearing my hair like I do in 2001.  Support for my sister in law.  Turns out it’s easy care and I like it just fine….

Davey Concepcion was a fine journeyman ball player with a long career.  5 Gold Gloves and a couple of all star appearances to go with 2 World Series rings.  No where near Hall of Fame, but a darn fine ballplayer with a good career.

I’m not the best at anything.  But I can have a fine result and a good career by staying the course and putting in the time like Dave Concepcion.  Good enough for me!

I’m just sayin’


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