Kore4: What’s Happening?

Kore4 BannerHere’s a surprise. At noon EDT yesterday, TimTech launched a new program. Kore4. If you haven’t been comatose and around this business at all, you are at least familiar with the logo by now.

What is Kore4?

There are a lot of things being said and claimed about Kore4, and at this point, most are absolutely true. Much of what you and I see of Kore4 is dependent on where we are on the socio-economic spectrum.

For TT it is clearly revenue enhancement. Ultimate upgrade or business builder, it is clearly another step toward the outlet of the sales funnel for TT. It’s capitalism 101 in action, and it looks like it will work just fine for TT.

For affiliates, Kore4 is a chance to promote a good solid product and earn residual income. A wonderful chance for that.

For members, it is simply an ultimate upgrade and the chance to accelerate their education and training in CTP.

Why Kore4?

For us affiliates, Kore4 is a high paying solid business opportunity. It is based on TimTech’s legendary core products of CTP and Traffic Exchanges. It is a product that is based on retention and longevity. Pretty attractive stuff. I know I am promoting it, and think highly enough of it at this point to modify my 2014 plans and goals to include it.

For members, there are a couple of things.

1: It is a money saver. I signed up yesterday and paid my $30.00. I then went to PayPal and cancelled my upgrade subscriptions to the individual sites. I save $15 per month over the cost of individual updates. (I know the raw retail numbers are different. Most of my upgrades were ‘bargain priced’ from TT sales) I will upgrade at 2 more sites with that $15. Free upgrades, as it were.
2: Commitment. In my opinion, the single most important part of any upgrade. It is an absolute physical sign that I am committed to my craft, and growing my business. It may not mean much to anyone else, but putting MY money into a program is a real sign of effort and willingness to me.
3: And you get all of that STUFF! There is a real laundry list of coolness attached to Kore4.

The Lifetime Upgrade Quandary

If you are a lifetime member at the TimTech sites, Kore4 presents a decision. You are used to no payments of any sort, and have made a significant commitment to TimTech with your lifetime upgrade.

Kore4 DOES NOT supplant the lifetime upgrade. Those go on forever (well, at least to 2114) and are as valid today as they were the day you bought them.

Kore4 DOES provide an upgrade to lifetime (seems weird, doesn’t it?). The very most is 100% commission on the first month of every sign up to Kore4. That is significant.

And if you have lifetime upgrades and sign up for Kore4, you DO NOT give up your lifetime upgrades. When you quit Kore4, you will revert to a lifetime update. Pretty sweet.

Initial Grade

A. I think Kore4 is the real deal. I’m in, I encourage you to at least read all about it.

And Another Thing

Sunny Suggs’ Click Your Face Off TE is one week old and growing nicely. I predict that CYFO is going to be one of the top TEs in one year. Yep, Sunny is that good. Don’t forget about it in all the hype and frenzy around Kore4.

I’m just sayin’




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