Would You Buy From You?

You want to know who chaps my ass today? I’ll tell you. Blain Jones. Remember? He came tearing (back) into our community about the first of the year. Made a lot of noise and promises. Where are you now, Blain Jones??

Which makes me want to turn the other cheek. Yes, both cheeks are chapped. How many new blogs started in January? How many of them are still in business?

Cumon’ Man! This isn’t a get rich quick business. It isn’t a get well known quick business, either. Takes commitment and dedication and stick to it. What? You didn’t get rich and famous in the first week or month so you move on? Good luck with that.

Stop me if you’ve heard this before: If you want to succeed in this business you need to pick a course of action and follow it for one year. One year. Without making appreciable money, without 10,000 subscribers, without reward. One year. Otherwise, you are perceived as a person that can’t stay the course.

Would you buy from a person that you know can’t stay the course? I certainly wouldn’t. Would you buy from YOU? There is the real question. Would you buy from you?

Yes, it’s all about your reputation. The only way to establish a reputation is to have one and ESTABLISH it. Without a reputation, you are not likely to make any progress at all.

The good news? It’s never, ever too late to establish or re-establish a reputation in this business. You can’t buy it, you can’t fake it, you can’t wish it. You have to work for it. It takes time and consistent effort. No secret, no million dollar answer, no shortcut.

You want to make a million overnight? I know the perfect product for you to develop. A five year reputation of consistent effort and success. Bottle that up and you can sell thousands of them for thousands of dollars. A genuine million dollar product.

Until then, I ask one more time: Would you buy from you?

I’m just sayin’

Author’s Note:  This should not be construed as an attack on Blain Jones, or anyone else.  I really like Blain, I just don’t know what happened or where he went. It should be construed as a chance to look in the mirror and check your progress.



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