Saturday Shortstop: Nomar Garciaparra

Nomar GarciaparraNomar Garciaparra

Boston Red Sox. You have to say NoMah to get it right. Part of the team that finally put ‘the Curse of the Bambino’ to rest in Boston, he is the stuff of legend there. It is hard for me to imagine a more popular player ever in Boston. Johnny Peske? Yaz? Ted Williams? My money is on Nomar.

Ok. It’s official. I am irritated with the Cash Surfing Network guys. In fact, sorry Robert, I am irritated with the CSN City guys. What’s up with that? I am a big believer in the ‘Launch it then Fix it’ theory, but it’s now been over 2 weeks with nothing. Is it just a surf and collect deal? Then why can’t I look at my whole collection? Is it a game? What is the object? What are the rules? How do you play? Will I be able to use ‘City Money’ to buy this information? When and for how much?

Part of the reason for my irritation (more than miffed, less than angry) is the massive potential that is there. I saw that it could be the unifying part to a business hub. What I see now looks more like a forgotten step child. I really expected more from this team.

Speaking of programs with stupendous upside, TimTech seems to have turned one loose this week. Kore4. I’m not sure why it has been so polarizing, it seems a simple ‘take it or leave it’ business opportunity to me. For the record, I am firmly in the ‘take’ category.

And another program to watch: Sunny Suggs’ Click Your Face Off TE. Over 1000 members, running promotions and working like a new watch. It’s going to be great, no doubt in my mind.

Note: The DoD (Department of Defense) OK’d Amazon to be their cloud computing supplier. Why does that matter? Not only is DoD a huge customer, but Amazon beat out Google. When was the last time you remember Google being beaten out for anything??

For those keeping track, Bitcoin is up most of $100 for the week. For the record, I am not invested in Bitcoin, and don’t recommend this market at all.

I have promised myself that I will spend the weekend cleaning up my bookmarks. I easily have 10,000 with over 5000 in folders. It’s the 5k that are not in folders that I need to address. <Big Sigh>

Even for me, it is hard to remember that Nomar Garciaparra finished his career playing for the Dodgers, the Cubs and the Athletics. He so dominated and was the face of his franchise that it is hard to remember the rest. It’s a good business lesson for me. Be known, and well known in my area. People remember

I’m just sayin’


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