Authors note:  No clever picture today to boost my SEO score.  I searched Hack and Hacking and got nothing but friendly to the hacker results.  Hacking is a crime and always HURTS SOMEONE.

So, my friend John Novak got his sites hacked this weekend.

I could go on at great length about John and his websites. He is truly one of the good guys in this industry. Fair, equitable, honest in all his doings. It astounds me that he’d be the one to get a savage hack.

Hack Hacker Hacking

According to Wikipedia, hacking dates to the 70’s phone network breach. People banded together to steal time and lines from ATT. At the time, it was given a little polish because the cost of phone service was atrocious. Even a modest computer habit could cost you $100 per month. $0.25 cent per minute long distance was the norm. In the days prior to the internet, the only way to communicate was ATT long distance. Person to person or computer to computer.

There is an essential truth to hacking that is evident no matter how much polish is applied. It is theft of service and somebody gets hurt by it. Period.

Today’s Truth

Hackers today are seen in a funny light. Many are viewed with sympathy and as a modern day Robin Hood. Taking from the wealthy to distribute to the poor sort of thing. The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo certainly treated hacking in a favorable light.

We as a society have perverted the very word hack. We have ‘life hacks’ and ‘headline hacks’ and a multitude of other shortcuts to ordinary problems. It makes an attractive selling point. But every one of these makes the obvious a little less so.

Hacking is a criminal project. Hacking is against the law. Hacking is a process by where someone (always the unknown someone) STEALS something that he/she has no right or claim to. STEALS.

Specific Hack

In the case of John Novak’s hack over Easter weekend the monetary cost to John is pretty large, and the cost to his hosting company is huge. The biggest loser, however, is John’s reputation in the general public. The raw dollar cost is nothing compared to the loss of trust and reputation in a competitive market.

John didn’t deserve this. Nobody does.

I’m just sayin’
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