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Advertising SpiderYou ever get a spider in your head? An idea, or a concept that won’t completely finish up, and doesn’t want to come out until it is? I’ve got one.

It’s about advertising. Is too much too much? Is a little too much? Is there a line, a tip over point? Who knows? Who is the expert that can tell me?

Advertising Advertising

I get it, trust me on this. We are in an advertising medium, and it’s ALL about advertising. It’s what we do. I advertise. You advertise. We advertise. But…

John Morrow got me started on this. He mentioned that Copyblogger doesn’t have advertising on their site. They promote their products, certainly. But it’s promotion, not advertising and isn’t even remotely ‘in your face’. So I got to looking around at some of the most successful sites that I know of. Guess what? It’s everyplace. Real successful sites don’t advertise on their sites for the most part.

Do the big, big dogs of this industry know something I don’t?

Advertising Stuff

I do it. Look just over here to the right =====>>>> 4 square banners. It’s a little passive income, and every now and again, somebody that reads this blog clicks a link and joins.

Harmless at worst, a little cash in pocket at best. Right?

But. Does it dilute the message? Even a little bit? Take some of the focus off my words?

Advertising Too Much

I’m thinking here of those ads that have 73 banners around a central core ad. I KNOW that I am distracted by information overload and get none of it. None. I’m not sure that is the general rule, but it is certainly true for me. If you are using one of those sites to advertise to me, you would be way better served to post an entirely blank page with only one link.

And the Answer Is…

I don’t know. The spider seems to be indicating that promotion and very focused promotion at that, is the right way to go. It seems right now like every banner is a distraction from the focus of the piece. What do you think, gentle reader? I’d really like to know. It’s time that I either feed the spider or squash him. You can help.

I’m just sayin’

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