Saturday Shortstop: Ernie Banks

Ernie Banks
image courtesy of Topps Baseball Cards

Wrigley Field, Chicago celebrated it’s 100th birthday this last week. Who else to be the shortstop but ‘Mr. Cub’ himself, Ernie Banks.  I remember that baseball card so well, I can almost taste the bubble gum.

Ernie Banks spent his entire career with two teams: The Kansas City Monarchs and the Chicago Cubs. He played one year in Kansas City before the war and 2 years after his military service. Broke in with the Cubs in 1953 and retired in 1971. A 14 time All Star, 2 time MVP inducted into the Hall of Fame in 1977.

As of this writing, Doc John remains hacked and his websites down. His host is struggling with it because he has two separate servers that were both compromised. So far, it looks like simply a malicious hack, with no money missing yet. I’m rooting for Doc to come back any time.

There is a lot of rhetoric swirling around the FCCs (Federal Communication Commission) attempt to re write the ‘Net Neutrality’ rules (article here). Near as I can tell it all comes down to money. Who has it, who gets it and who pays it. What does it mean to you and me? Higher fees, almost with out doubt.

Bitcoin seems to have rallied a little and stabilized in the $500 area.

The Federal Election Commission is reviewing a request to allow bitcoin donations to political campaigns as soon as this year. Really.

Click Your Face Off continues to grow steadily and has made it over 1500 members. Congratulations, Sunny.

Ernie Banks was more than just a ballplayer. He was an ambassador of goodwill and enthusiasm. Very famous for his “Let’s play 2” line, he was ALWAYS ready to go.

A little ‘Let’s play 2’ enthusiasm in my business will go a long way, too!

I’m just sayin’

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