Saturday Shortstop: Phil Rizzuto

Phil RizzutoPhil Rizzuto spent his entire career (1941-1956) with the New York Yankees and was a fixture during their dynasty years.  He was a perennial all star, Mvp once and 7 time World Series champion (out of 10 appearances).

I just got the emails from Stephane Touringy owner of TEWiz and Surfing Old School (among other things).  Somebody got into his defenses and corrupted the data bases.  Fortunately, Stephane has good back ups, so damage should be minimal.  Still stinks.  Like a feedyard in a rainstorm.

My friend and compatriot Mr. Scott Wright has a new dedicated blog feature.  He actually asked permission to copy this format (Saturday Shortstop) with his Thursday Throwback feature.  Jack Youngblood is the first throwback, what can I say?  Excellent writing and a great format.

Speaking of great new blogs, Team Lucky 13 has a blog site and promises fresh content EVERY DAY.  Round one is introductory, then the team members will write what they wish.  A really good chance to meet new faces!  Let the record show that Lucky 13 is in the Premier League for the 3rd consecutive week.

The House of Representatives passed legislation to limit the NSA (and others) ability to collect and keep phone data from US citizens.  How much does it change things?  Some.  This article is somewhat slanted toward the government point of view, but it does ask questions.

The House of Representatives also passed (landmark week for the house.  2 bits of legislation) an amendment to the defense bill that will prevent the Commerce Department from giving up technical control of the internet, at least for some time.  Article Here.

Is your spam folder bulging?  More than ever?  Mine certainly is, and I heard a suggestion this week that might explain some of it.  Friend and teammate Boris (DeChuck) feels that Jeffery Johnson sold the membership list at Nerdbux.  Makes it quite a lot of sense to me.

My Thursday post on the changes at Cash Surfing Network stirred a lot of people. (It’s right under this post if you haven’t read it)  I received some clarification from Eric Goettman on several of the points that I questioned, but nearly as many remain.  Going forward, I will be watching intently to see what the actual shake out is. I am not giving up or quitting CSN.  Not by any stretch.  I will be watching…

For all his fame as a player, Phil Rizzuto is probably best known as a Yankee broadcaster, a 40 year career after his playing days were over.

On this Memorial weekend, it’s good to remember that Phil Rizzuto served in the US Navy for over 2 seasons during WWII.

I’m just sayin’


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