Game Changer

So.  TimTech has just launched a new product.  List Viral.

No, it’s not a mailer.  Not even close.  It is ‘build your list and make money from it’. Dead simple, it is a real look at what we do.  Lots of small streams of income that make big streams of income.

Are you having trouble making $2.47 per day?  24.73?  This will help, and it is not just a guide on how to, it is a done deal.  You pick your category and an area that you want to promote and the TimTech robots swing into action and give you a usable product.  All you have to do is promote…

It’s going to be a game changer, no doubt.  It is a product structured to make money. Not overnight, but steady, sustainable money. And build your list.  Your all important, key to long term success, gotta have it list.

A couple of things I can tell you from the inside.  List Viral is set up to use Rocket Responder.  Not any of the others, RR.  If you are not a member of RR watch for the OTO.  It is a dandy…

List Viral is paid only.  It is a service as much as RR or  There are 3 membership levels, and they range from eye popping to unbelievable.  And guess what?  There are OTOs there too.  Really good, true One Time Offers.  Take them on your way by, because you aren’t going to see them again.

On a personal note, this is the first time I have gotten to be privy to the entire TimTech team working on a special project.  This has been fun.  Really fun.

I’m just sayin’



One Plus

One Plus

I could actually write this post in about 30 words but Nick needs 500.

If there is only one plus that does the most good for me it is “Thank You” .  Say it.  Mean it.  Live it.  The courtesy your Mamma taught you will take you a long way.

Plus one is such a great concept, and now that Jon Olson has codified his system in Plus One Success it is a simple practice to grasp and execute.  Simple, but not easy. Just do one thing more every day, and in his system, rinse and repeat after 30 days. Simple.

But I’m busy (or at least like to appear that way) and I don’t always have time to read or act on something new every day.  It’s just too much some days.

So I’m going to share the one Plus that has taken me the farthest in my life, the one that I have a chance of doing every day.  Say thank you.

It’s pretty easy, actually.  I’ve been doing it so long that I don’t have to think about it very much, it just sort of pops out most of the time.  And I just can’t tell you how far that simple phrase has carried me in life.  From service in a restaurant to getting parts after hours to having people notice me in TE land, it’s all come from one source.

Common Courtesy.  A practice that is unfortunately not so common these days.  I’m not so sure it ever was, but particularly in the world we live in today.  And even more particularly in the on line world where “I’ll never see her” or “He doesn’t know who I am” or “I am anonymous”  is the norm, the need for courtesy seems to be dead.  It isn’t.

Most of us in TE land are in the service industry in some way.  We want people to ‘buy our stuff’ which might simply translate as ‘let me serve you’.  We want people to ‘know like and trust us’ might really be ‘I can provide better service than any of these other guys..and will’  We want to be known:  ‘Look at me!  I provide this service which will solve this problem’!

Service in this case is a derivative of “To Serve”  or “To Wait On”.  To provide something like a servant would.  To serve the needs of.

Saying Thank You is a part of that service.  A genuine thank you is the grease that all of commerce slides on.  Common courtesy is the grease that keeps the bearings of business from freezing up and stopping.  Thank you supplies the lubrication that builds and grows friendships.  A simple thank you can take you all the way to the top!

When I started this, I said I could write this post in 30 words.  It actually took 35.  Here is the first paragraph again:

If there is only one plus that does the most good for me it is “Thank You” .  Say it. Mean it.  Live it.  The courtesy your Mamma taught you will take you a long way.

I’m just sayin’

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Ostrich Effect

This is a little different post for me. Not that I have never touched on the subject, but I don’t believe I’ve ever been as direct.

Suck Up

Typically, that is a person that goes out of her way to curry favor with a person that is in a position to improve the suck ups life in some way. People suck up to others all the time. Boss, waiters, clerks, doctors… the list is practically endless.

Suck Up (the noun) is generally given a negative tone, but I’m going to tell you a secret about business. It works. And everybody does it. Call it schmoozing or networking or whatever, it’s pretty well known that businesses and individuals alike give more breaks and more perks to people that they like and who have helped them out in the past. Quid Pro Quo.

So I’m going to give you a chance to suck up to the biggest dog in our industry. To do something that Justin Ledvina is guaranteed to remember.   Right Here.

Justin has written a book and is floating an indegogo campaign to cover the initial publishing costs. He has several perks tied to levels of funding. The key, I think is the $25 contribution. For that, you get an e book to read before the regular release AND a copy of the paper book with a thank you note signed by Justin.

You think he might remember every name that he writes in the front of one of HIS books? Ya THINK?

The surprise to me is not that Justin is offering a signed copy as a perk, but that 100 people in our business haven’t seen the possibilities and jumped on the chance. It’s tailor made.

So far, all I’ve talked about is the pure business sense of spending $25. The other part is the book itself. Justin is a very talented writer with vast experience in business. You can bet the book is going to be worth the $25 itself.

So. Order or don’t. It’s really no skin off my butt either way. But if you don’t take this opportunity don’t ever come to me with the question “How can I get TimTech to back me on this venture?”

Fund the book at Indegogo and you won’t have to ask…

I’m just sayin’

Plus One Success

Plus One

I’m writing this and so excited I can hardly sit still. This is a big day for TimTech but a Monster day for me. How come?

Announcing Plus One Success

This is the Jon Olson success plan all in one place. It is really a series of little things that really add up to big things. Jon has written an ebook that you can download. It’s just full of the good stuff. It’s like going to 23 TELive broadcasts at the same time only better.

And there is MORE. The book is rebrandable, if you upgrade. You think THE book by Jon Olson is going to have some impact? Yeah, probably.

Guess what? I still get sign ups from Pizza Plan, let alone from Pizza Plan 2. The rebrand is a moneymaker for years to come.

There is a full month worth of daily lessons from Justin Ledvina. I’ve heard them, this is Justin at his very best, and that is just damn good.

And MORE. There is a super upgrade that allows you to join the ‘Jon Olson Book Club’ You get a book mailed to you every month. Everybody gets the same book, and during the month Jon will have exclusive discussion groups to discuss the book and the impact on our business. How cool is that? What do you think the chances are of Purple Cow being the first choice? I don’t know, but I can imagine Jon going full tilt on that discussion!

A word of warning here. The One Time Offers are real, you will hate yourself if you don’t take it.

I need to tell. There are a couple of familiar names involved in this process that you might not have considered. Sunny Suggs and Winter Perkins. Sunny as the script wizard and Winter as the designer. How about that???

And more. Go take a look for yourself.

So why am I hyper? This is my first time to be a part of the TimTech team in the thrash to launch. It has been an amazing process to watch and be part of. TimTech doesn’t launch stuff all that often and I am completely jazzed.

I’m just sayin’ v 1.0

Hey. Lookit me. I’m writing a TimTech blog. How cool is that?

Why the blog? Well, it’s probably the TT program that I know the best. I’m a geek, I love data and numbers and I really like I keep playing around with it and testing and trying and finding out new stuff. I intend to hold court here at least once a week and would be honored if you would subscribe to this blog.

What is It is a very simple and elegant ad tracker. Why do I need trck,me? To keep track of my hard earned credits and advertising. And so much more.

The intent of my writing here is to share some of the stuff I know, maybe some you didn’t.

So the topic this week is branding.

Really. Branding.

How can you use for branding? The obvious answer is by using the social bar above your ad (it’s a simple check box in the settings area).

The social bar shows your picture and the logo. It really doesn’t detract from your ad at all and shows who played this ad, and that you use

Much more than that. By having the social bar displayed it shows people that you are sophisticated enough to use and work with a tracker, but that you are serious enough about your business to pay the monthly fee. There is definitely some prestige factor in it. That can not be overestimated.

Even if you don’t use the social bar (and there are some circumstances where you shouldn’t) just the address tells people that you are committed enough to your business to invest in a tool that will help you enormously.

So you can use your tracker for branding yourself and your business. Long as that tracker is from TimTech.

I’m just sayin’



Anybody old enough to remember the “I Love Lucy” show? Desi Arnez routinely said “Lucy, you got some splainin to do”

I hope to do some splainin about TT current topics. Today’s topic is about CTP teams and the TT employee participation.

The Sites and How they are Chosen

First about the sites that have XP badges. Those people pay for the opportunity. They get to leverage TimTech’s expertise and huge base. TT makes money and leverages the site owner’s membership. It works pretty darn well for everybody.

What does that do for you, the member? Provides prizes and XP. Not to mention just a ton of fun. That seems to work out pretty well, too.

Daily Challenge, Vaults and Submarine Games are a little bit different. The only requirement of for an owner to buy these is that their site be equipped with incremental badges. Of course, there is a lot of excitement and activity with each of these.

Do the owners make any money from them? Here on the last day of June the DC is sold out for the rest of the year. Vaults are very nearly sold out in August and Sub Bombs are almost sold out in August. That says something about the value…

The Players

We had a TT team meeting the day the Outkasts disbanded. None of us, and I do mean none, were having any fun. Meaningless points leading to meaningless standings for meaningless reasons. If a thing isn’t fun, why do it?

There is no choice where I would go to play. I am Lucky 13 right to my bones, and the only place I considered was the Lucky 13 too. Anyplace other just would not have been a good fit for me.

Here’s the thing about me. I have always played to win. The scoreboard has always been important to me, it is now. I would love to see Lucky 13 Too dominate the SiteX division.

Another thing about me, is I play by the rules. I’ll push them, I’ll go right to the edge, but I have such respect for whatever game that I will not cheat, Not now, not ever. I want to win. I want to step on your throat, but I won’t cheat to do so.

The TimTech Perspective

We have been accused of using TT supplies to advance our positions. Let me tell you, that would be just like playing on the Outkasts. Meaningless. We already know what kind of fun that is: None.

The Reasons

How long do you think I would be employed at TimTech were I caught cheating? How long could they have a cheater on their staff? About 3 seconds is the answer to that.

How could ANY of us cheating possibly advance TT’s position? If the game is rigged, how long do you think the sponsors would stay? We make our living out of running a business that is trusted and admired. Do you really think any of us could or would jeopardize THAT?

So. The chances of a TimTech employee tilting the game are 0.00%. Think it through. We can’t, we won’t, we aren’t. There is no reason. None.

I’m just sayin’

Affiliates Only Please

You remember those old detective magazines?  True Confessions and stuff like that? Well, this is like that in a peculiar sort of way…

Being an Affiliate

First off, it isn’t about throwing a splash page in rotation at your favorite TE.  While advertising is certainly a part of being an affiliate, it doesn’t make you an affiliate.  That only makes you an advertiser.

It isn’t about hopping on the ‘hot new product’ even though that can be a part of being an affiliate.

It isn’t about waiting for the commissions to roll in.

It is about being affiliated with.

It’s about learning EVERYTHING about the product you have chosen to promote.  An affiliate should be able to answer any question about the site or product.

It is about being upgraded at the program you are promoting.  I have a serious belief that you can’t possibly sell what you don’t buy.  You might get some commissions, but if you don’t support YOUR program with your money how can you legitimately sell that to others?  You can’t.

It’s about giving part of yourself to the program you have chosen to affiliate with.  You give to the program and give to the people that are interested in what you are doing.

It’s pretty darn simple to be an affiliate.  Simple but not easy.  You have to do the work. No other path to success.

I’m just sayin’


Badge Hunt Stuff

“More than a Feeling…”

It’s badge hunt time, and it just didn’t seem right to post and not put the song I am listening to in the first line…

It IS badgehunt. Astounding numbers are everyplace, but as I write this (very early Friday morning) 10,000 badges awarded is probably less than an hour away. 10k badges in less than 4 days. Much the largest turnout yet. Much.

Have you checked out the Debra Chism and Sunny Suggs blog/spreadsheet project? Sunny has her spreadsheet helping all the serious and not so serious hunters.

And Debra? She is just knocking the blog post cold. It is so incredibly good it’s hard to believe that she hasn’t been doing it for years. Let me tell you, I’m really glad that I came before Debra rather than after. I’d hate to be compared to her work. I’m just sayin’

And more amazement? WHO WOULD HAVE THOUGHT THAT THE TELIVE ROOM WOULD BE ‘THE’ HAPPENING PLACE???? Brian Cullen and the late night denizens of the room have turned it into party central. It’s simply amazing. Brian DJs and the others chat and remember and request songs that Brian plays and the room remembers and requests….

And yes. It’s good music. I’m listening to the ‘replay’ right now.

So much stuff happening, it almost feels like it will be good to take a break when it is over, right?

Well, don’t get too comfortable. I just happen to know that TimTech has a couple more ‘summer surprises’ in the works. 🙂

I have to tell you all that I had felt guilty about not doing the badge hunt project this time. Now I’m not guilty in the least, I’m just really glad that it has taken the next step. It’s really good.

Life is GOOD.

I’m just sayin’

From The Support Cave

Hi ya all. I am writing this from the depths of the TimTech support cave. It’s nothing like the Bat Cave, or even like the Karchner Caverns down the road here in Arizona. No, this cave is sorta small, damp, musty and well, creepy. They keep me chained to my desk 19 hours per day so I can fill my quota of support tickets.

Or not. I really like working for TimTech. What a great group of people to learn from. I am much richer for my experience.

It has already become obvious that some topics in support run in bunches. This topic is no exception.

Loyalty Bonus

Kore 4 upgrade, Rocket Responder membership and membership each qualify for a 100% team bonus. If you are a current member in good standing at all three you qualify for 500%.

Free trials DO NOT count. In order to get the loyalty bonus you must be a paying member of the programs listed.

We can and do have some difficulties with the bonuses showing up promptly and correctly. Not in every case, but Bill is working hard at cleaning that bug up.

It can take over 24 hours for the bonuses to show. It’s a simple fact as to how and when the database harvests new information. But if it has been over 36 hours we certainly want to hear from you about the problem.

So now you know the current hot topic on the TimTech support stove. I’m sure there will be more cooking soon.

I’m just sayin’