What IS your Problem??

What’s YOUR Problem??

Child with a problem
I have a problem

Everybody has problems.  I have them, you have them, everybody has problems.  That’s not the real question.  The real question is ‘how are you carrying on in spite of your problems?’  That’s the question you need to answer in order to be a success.

Success in this case is not necessarily measured in money made.  True success is doing a thing that gives you happiness and that you are happy doing.  That is success!  Makes you a winner on any scale you care to measure with.

Lack of Money?

There are ways to cure that problem.  The secret is to find a way that makes you successful at the same time.  Money does not equate to success, but it can be a measuring stick in certain instances.

In order to be a success, you probably need some money.  There are more ways to get money than I have life time left to express.  Some are better than others.  For instance, robbing a bank is one (quick) way to get some money, but probably not for most of us.  Getting a j o b might be a viable option for many of us.  It’s certainly a thing to consider.  It is time to decide what you are willing to sacrifice on your way to success.

Lack of Time?

Probably the easiest and hardest problem to overcome.  Lack of time can be more easily stated as a lack of commitment to whatever it is that will make you a success.  You can steal time from a wide array of sources.  Family, friends, television, recreation, personal time are all areas that can give up time to your drive for suggest.  The easiest one I know is television.  Take the time that you spend watching (you fill in the blank) and give it over to your pursuit of success.  You don’t have to give it all up at once, just a couple hours per week can make an enormous difference.

Lack of Discipline?

It’s your choice, and it’s that easy.  Simply make the choice to give up on Survivor or Duck Dynasty or Baseball, and stick with it.  Make yourself be productive in the pursuit of success during the time you save.  Weigh too much?  Pick a diet and stick with it.  No excuses.  It’s certainly ok to fail, but it is completely unacceptable to pin it anyplace but on your self.  It’s your time, it’s your money, it’s your success.  Belongs to no one else.

Lack of Courage?

Courage isn’t about lack of fear.  Courage is all about fighting off that fear and doing what you know needs to be done in spite of the fear.  We are all naturally shy, successful people overcome that shyness.  We all dislike discomfort and dis ease, successful people plow through discomfort.  Know what needs to be done, and do it.  It really is that simple.

How many times you get knocked down in a fight means nothing, so long as you get back up one more time than you get knocked down.

I’m just sayin’

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5 Future Happenings

Five Things from the Future

Factory 5 Race Logo
Factory 5 Race Logo

2013 is half over.  The second quarter ended with Bill’s Epic Badge Hunt.  It is time to check my quarterly goals for 2013, and adjust my yearly and quarterly goals for the remainder of the year.  It’s also time to gaze in the Crystal Ball and see what is in store for us in the future.

1:  The Future of Branding

I think the second half of 2013 will see the first signs of the slow down of the relentless pursuit of personal branding in the TE business.  Simply having your picture plastered all about the industry is not branding, it is self promotion.  Personal promotion with out  a brandable, solid, sellable product attached is not sustainable.  Most people are not going to pay for your picture, but might pay for your product.  They need to know, like and trust you, granted.  But the customer will need something more than your picture for you to be branded.  Branding is a combination of personal and product.  Choose your product as carefully as you choose your picture.

2:  The Future of the TEs

OK, so this isn’t about the future of all TEs, it’s a hopeless Google grab.  What I see in the future, in the near future, is the rise of Niche Traffic Exchanges.  I think the first one will be music oriented, and will try to bring fans of music to the TE.  I would see a TE that caters to musicians and music lovers while fulfilling the traditional role of the TE, advertising swap.  I think there is great opportunity for a small, agile TE supporting itself while catering to an audience.  If the trend of scale (bigger is always better) continues, I predict that small exchanges will spring into being to handle the disenchanted surfers and advertisers.  I predict small exchanges that don’t aspire to ‘top ten’ ranking covering a smaller market.

3:  The Future of Blogs:

I believe we are already seeing the rise of the ‘specific’ blog and the demise of the ‘words on a page’ blog.  I believe that the future will show that content truly is king, and those bloggers who continue to write vanilla will see a diminishing share of the reader pie.  I believe that the ‘You have to have a blog, just write words on a page’ are ended.  There are some dinosaurs left that don’t know they are doomed, but I believe they are.

4:  The Future of Affiliate Marketing:

I think the rise of social in our industry will see the rise of another trend.  Affiliate marketers talking among themselves and deciding what is worthy of promotion and what isn’t.  I think that spells the end of the endless ‘pre launch hype’ for products that are trying to launch and leave.  The marketers can see and talk to their fellows, and this isn’t going to fly much longer.  Right now, I am seeing two products that missed their ‘launch date’ and are back in ‘pre launch’ mode, because the savvy marketers that they need to make a product fly are wanting to see an actual product before they commit time and money and advertising to an idea.

5:  The Future of Social:

I think the future of social marketing is smaller, lighter, more responsive.  I really believe that Facebook has shown signs of being vulnerable with their ‘everything for everybody’ approach and their incessant pursuit of advertising.  I think they have reached the tipping point of ‘push marketing’   and are showing signs of decline.  I believe the next year will clearly show major changes to FB.  Can they correct the underlying problem?  I do not know, it’s a huge organization and anything with that scale needs time to change direction.  Are they responsive enough?  The future will tell.

There it is, 5 bold predictions on what is coming in the future.  Am I right or am I wrong?  I’d be happy to see what you think in the comments…


I’m just sayin’


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Things I learned AFTER Kintergarten

Things I have Learned

I have definitely learned a few things in the last month.  Like most of us, I try to learn something new every day, and to put that knowledge into my life.  Somedays are better than others.

I spent the last month on the Bill’s Badge Hunt project.  I learned that I can commit to a project and follow through every day for a month.  I spent a bare minimum of 4 hours per day, every day.  It is simply a matter of committing the time and resources (in this case, me) to the project and sticking with that commitment.

Learning in a Hurry

I learned what a great partner can mean to a business.  Sunny Suggs taught me much this last month, and showed me more that went by so fast I couldn’t hope to catch it.  Her knowledge of this industry is phenomenal, her ability to access it spectacular, and her willingness to share it humbling.  I learned that gratitude is an ongoing process and needs to be addressed every day or it can overwhelm.

Learning about People

I am not the most social of humans, I would be the first to admit.  I learned that there is a tremendous storehouse of people in this industry that are friendly, nice, caring and helpful.  Many more than I could have possibly imagined!  I can’t list all the people that I should thank here, because I might forget one, and that would be unforgivable for me.  You know who you are, any success that the Built4UBadgeHunt site may have had is likely your fault.

I learned that there is a wonderful pool of highly talented entrepreneurs that have really good, very usable products that they are willing to share with everyone for FREE.  I have received a treasure trove of usable information and look forward to weeks, months, and years of doing business with the providers.

Learning about Companies

The very best companies are simply people with a different name.  I got to watch the Badge Hunt grow and develop and explode with the Tim Tech guys (and Brenda).  I watched as it went from a 40 badge idea to a 240 badge (I think they could have sold and handled 300 easy) event!  Was that ever fun!

I learned that big TEs have regular folks at the back of them.  I sorta already knew that, but John Novak (List Build Surf), Marcus, Ken and Rodney (Legacy), John Bell (Traffic Swirl) William A Miller II (Surf Skeleton) and the TimTech team helped and supported our project at an unbelievable level.  These are very busy people that have lots going on, and all of them took time for me and Sunny at some point.  Wowser!

What I learned Today

I learned that this could go on and on and on.  I learned that at some point I just have to quit and save some for next time.

I learned that I could use the words entrepreneur and wowser in the same blog post.

I’m just sayin’


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