Building a House of Cards

House of Cards

House of Cards
House of Cards

Do you ever build a house of cards?  You know, you make a tepee out of two cards, put another beside it, and put another card over the top.  Pretty soon you need another deck of cards and the thing is covering the whole kitchen table…

What happens to a house of cards?  What ALWAYS happens to a house of cards?  Either I fat finger a card placement, or a stray gust comes along, or it gets to be dinner time and I need the table…

Playing your Cards

A house of cards isn’t a bad way to while away a boring hour, you can even think while you are building your house, and maybe even excuse that as productive time.  I do.

Sooner or later you have to play your cards.  Get up, get set, test the market.  Building the perfect house of cards means nothing in the marketing game.  Sorry, different skills.

The Lead Card

What do I play first?  Do I build a list?  Offer a product/service?  Brand myself and my business?  What about the social card?  Play it or hold it?  Fill my funnel? Buy or start a business?

I submit that that lead card, and the hand that follows is entirely up to you.  What is your best skillset?  Where are you most comfortable in this Marketing game?  Anyway you can win the hand is the right way to play it.  It does NOT follow that losing a hand is the wrong way, but you might want to try another tactic for the next hand.

The Next Hand

There will always be a next hand.  If you won the last hand clean, you want to try to duplicate then next effort exactly.  If you didn’t win, try another combination of lead and pack cards.  If you can duplicate success 3 times in a row, you are well on your way to becoming a master of the game/business.

The Secret

The secret to winning long term in the marketing game is to keep playing.  Nobody, not anybody ever, has won with no cards in their hand.  It simply can’t be done.  Keep playing, keep testing, keep trying until you find a path that you can duplicate over and over.  That’s the way to win.

The Perfect House

The perfect house of cards won’t get you a thing.  Even if you build it so that it will stand for months, it gets you no where.  It’s only by getting in the game that you can have a chance of winning.  Bet and raise this time and see what happens.  What’s the worst thing that can happen?  You can lose this hand and have to play again.

And in the End

Get in the game!  Take a chance.  It’s the path to winning!

I’m just sayin’

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The PTC Learning Curve

The Learning Curve

Graph of Learning Curve
Classic Learning Curve

Any time I undertake learning something new, there is always a learning curve.  Sometimes the curve is so steep that I fall off it.  Sometimes, the learning graph has a nice gentle curve that invites learning in a specific order.  Most are somewhere in between.

There are essentially two ways to learn about a product or service.  Take your gloves off, get your hands dirty, and do it is one way.  This method is an effective teacher, but not necessarily the most cost effective way.  The other way is to read about the mistakes and problems I am likely to encounter and try to avoid some of the pitfalls.

Introducing PTC Central

PTC Central is a free website dedicated to reviewing and rating PTCs.  It’s real straight forward, it divides PTCs into several categories.  Very dynamic and fluid site, the ratings and categories can change as the PTCs themselves make changes.

The Value of PTC

The PTC world is filled with scammers and failed dreams, PTC Central will show you precisely which sites are paying as they should, which sites are legit and which clearly are not.  There is a section on sites to avoid, more to be wary of…

Sites at PTC Central are basically arranged by time in business.  A site is considered new until it has been in business for over a year, at which time it is ‘probationary’.  Only sites that have been doing business successfully and well for over two years are considered fully vested.

Only use Established Sites??

No, that is one of the great things at PTC Central.  They spend a lot of effort to rate and review new PTCs.  TimTechs Nerdbux. has been in business for just a month, and already has a review and recommendation at PTC Central.  It’s a very favorable review, but says essentially that it is too new to completely be trusted, because corporate policy is ‘don’t trust a site under one year old completely’.

And In the End

PTC Central is a great tool that can seriously avoid some of the harder knocks on the learning curve.  Check it out for yourself!

I’m just sayin’

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