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Don’t pay the ransom, I’ve escaped! One Climbs over, one pole vaults

Actually, as most of you know, I spent the large part of the last two weeks counting and writing for the Spooktacular Badgehunt Blog.  I always enjoy it, and have some great experiences when it’s going, but it’s good to be back.  Congratulations to Elina, Janelle and Sharrif, the three grand prize winners.  It takes tremendous concentration, dedication and drive to win a contest like this, that has to be a good sign for their business!

I have several things noted from the last two weeks, this could end up being some mini rants before it’s over!

Are You Sitting by Yourself?

“You should be, because someone has invited you to view this special video….”  Really?  Are you kidding me?  Only about 1000 people per hour per TE get this special invite.  Makes me feel incredibly exclusive.  Another reason they would like you to be sitting alone is that if you are with somebody that looks at the video with a critical eye might say something stupid like “Sounds too good to be true…”

Instant Meditation

I’m serious.  I’ve only seen that a couple of times, but somebody is trying to sell Instant Meditation.  How cool is that?  You mean I can get a 15 minute meditation in 1 minute?  Really?  Wow!  How long does it take for an hour’s meditation?  Where do I send the money??

Just as a personal note:  I meditate for a time nearly every morning.  I really like to take a small amount of time just after I get up to meditate and preview the day.  Think of how much more productive I could be if I shortened that process significantly…

Unsubscribe Links

I get a fair number of emails every day that don’t have them, and it really chaps my hide.  I know that they circumvent the CanSpam rules by claiming that they only send personal emails, but really.  I wish I had a discomboobultaor beam that I could use to fry their computers.  Now that I think about it, I could use that tool in other places.  Like the link spammers on my website for starters…

Stop Clicking for Credits!

Really?  Should I stop before or after I click on your site?  Seems self defeating to me…

And in the End

I had a great couple of days with my brother this weekend.  For the first time in several years, we didn’t have a project to do, or somebody to move, or a funeral to attend.  Just spent time visiting.  A supportive family is a great asset.

I’m just sayin’

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